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Catholic & pro-RH? I'm for condoms, contras, IUD, the injectable

MANILA - I'm a Roman Catholic; I didn't want to, but now I'm thinking of safe sex. You see, I have just read one, on my email the position paper of the very Catholic Bukás Loób sa Díyos Covenant Community on House Bill 96 (old number), and two, on his website very un-Catholic Representative Edcel Lagman'ssponsorship speech of House Bill 4244 (new ardor, same banana). And I can tell you that I'm in favor of that hard-earned banana. In 1,507 words, the BLD people express their strong objection to the passage of the RH Bill into Law; you can email me for a pdf copy if you wish: They are intelligent people; they don't need me to explain their side. In Rep Lagman's case, I have read and understood his published position on the matter, all of 2,048 words, and now I'm wishing so many of his wishes; here's a list of items not necessarily in the order of importance: use of condom during the sexual act
sex education starting at Gra…