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The Unexamined IQ. Of David Brooks, Shafir & Mullainathan

MANILA - There is this essay "The Unexamined Society" published in the New York Times issue of 07 July 2011, date as declared, but the unexamined URL says it was published 08 July 2011. Lawyers will figure, but figures don't lie. I can say that the author of that unexamined entry, David Brooks, is good at induction, I mean, jumping to conclusions. That is a behavior that I must assign to The Unexamined IQ, not the least that of David Brooks and of Eldar Shafir of Princeton and of Sendhil Mullainathan of Harvard. Boys of a feather flock together. For all its length, Brooks' 805-word essay (including his byline) makes much of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test, which belongs in the dustbin of psychological history and the trash can of educational theory. Your intelligence must be questioned if you insist that the IQ test is a good measure of mental capacity, creativity, and common sense. IQ is a wrong measure of intelligence; the truly intelligent know that. In The…

Manila Digital Divide. Is Aquino afraid of ICT, or his Boys?

MANILA - In the digital world, a Downgrade is an abomination, while an Upgrade is in fact an affirmation. With Philippine ICT, Senator Edgardo Angara wants an Upgrade; President Noynoy Aquino orders a Downgrade, so now we have The Manila Digital Divide - if you're not with IT, you're against IT. On 30 June 2011, Aquino issued Executive Order 47, which abolished the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) under the Office of the President, and created instead a lower-level Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) and put it under the Department of Science and Technology (DoST). So I know Noynoy Aquino knows How to exercise his executive fiat - I don't know Why. When it comes to power, let me put it this way:
A Commission has influence; an Office is under the influence. The President has influence; was this decision under the influence? Where did the President's decision come from: cyberspace or outer space? So, Noynoy Aquino del…