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A Class in Vocabulary. Arroyo's Delicadeza & De Lima's Dilemma

MANILA - Sometimes I'm just frank; sometimes I'm just hilarious; sometimes I'm just both - sometimes I'm just accommodating. Just watch! With her booboo on Mike Arroyo's 31 July 2011 trip to Hong Kong, it's just that Justice Secretary Leila De Lima has exhibited evidence that she is guilty of prejudging the case and, should it go to court, she should be barred from appearing as prosecutor or plaintiff. Justice Denied for Justice Denied. Mike Arroyo is a high-profile personality, so a low-profile text apology is not enough. I'll be watching - if she resigns, she has delicadeza like Senator Migz Zubiri (see my "His rival demands it; Migz Zubiri resigns. It was not the honorable thing to do; it was." Flipinos, Flips! That was one male chauvinist proud. The male of the species has acted honorably. Is it too much to ask for a female of the species, another Government official, to also show delicadeza? (Image from - she sh…