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Yelp, Expedia & Nextag don't see. Google is anti-intellectual!

MANILA - Ian Paul says Yelp, Expedia, and Nextag are complaining - Frank H will call them The YEN Complainers - that "(Google is) burying competitors deep in Google's search engine rankings … in favor of the company's own products" (21 September 2011, Of course Google favors its own products. Google Chair Eric Schmidt isn't an idiot.

More to the point, if you search for a local business, Google Places results show up with a map, invariably with the Yelp results shown below Google Places (ANN, Unfair? The US Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hear The YEN Complainers explain how "Google is manipulating search engine results to steer searches to its own Web properties." Of course it is manipulating the search results - how else can Google work?

That Committee will have an easy time determining that what Google is doing is hardly "unfair competition" or "monopolistic practice" even if Google is…

Honestly speaking. "Is your business running your life?" - BCBP

MANILA - This morning I attended the 1st Anniversary Breakfast of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals (BCBP) Capitol Hills at the Albergus Restaurant along Capitol Drive in Old Balara, Diliman, Quezon City. Before I left home, my wife was asking me why I should attend the breakfast, and I told her this was a meeting of the BCBP, and did she know that "Honesty" was their slogan? Highly unusual. Be honest.
Even if others are not.
Even if others will not.
Even if others cannot.Thoroughly Christian. Thoroughly non-conformist. Jesus Christ was thoroughly non-conformist, wasn't he? He preached Love, didn't he? We might borrow from the BCBP and say Christ preached Love this way, always remembering that Love is a proactive verb, not a reactive noun: Love.
Even if others do not.
Even if others will not.
Even if others cannot.Capital Love. BCBP Capitol Hills is an Outreach of BCBP Quezon City. Today, the BCBP has 56 full Chapters, 8 Chapters-in-Trai…