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One Solitary Life Reborn

Note: The original text was from a sermon by James Allan Francis and found in his book The Real Jesus and Other Sermons published in 1926 by the Judson Press of Philadelphia ( 2 reasons I decided to come up with another version: (1) My wife noticed that the original and revised versions, all titled "One Solitary Life," did not mention Christ's Resurrection. In other words, the "account" is incomplete. If Jesus did not rise again from the dead, it means only one thing: We Christians have not been saved! (2) I noticed the man in the original story preached no message for mankind and yet he is now the centerpiece of the human race. If that life had no meaning, it was indeed one sad solitary life!

One Solitary Life Reborn
Modern Version 3.0 by Frank H, 08Oct2011 A child was born in an obscure village,
the child of a peasant woman.
He grew up in another obscure village,
where he worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty.
Then for three years…