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The 3 Eternal Questions: Truth, beauty & goodness

Posted in 12 May 2006, reposted here unedited because I think that, really, The 3 Eternal Questions are eternal:When some people talk about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the President of the Philippines, they can talk neither articulately nor intelligently about her. She gets their goat! They simply condemn her as someone who is bad (black), implying that they are simply good (white), especially calling her as simply a liar, someone who cannot or refuses to tell the truth. That is because some people don’t look beyond their own truths. You will be surprised what you learn if you look beyond your reach. Today, just a few minutes ago, I decide to look in the Internet what ‘arroyo’ means and brings me to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), which tells me that an ‘arroyo is an intermittently dry creek.’ Actually, the original reads like this: ‘an intermittantly dry creek.’ The footnote says that the Arroyo page was last modified 5 May 2006 by Phatty; I l…

Distinctive Annual Reports. Creative Writing you should expect

MANILA - Want a memorable annual report? The proof of the writing is in the putting. The proof of the shooting is in the shot. Frank H just received The Outstanding UPLB Alumnus Award 2011 for Creative Writing, right? Almost exactly 1 month ago today. The should next come up with The Outstanding UPLB Alumnus Award for Photography. Back to Creative Writing. Like a duck to the water, 45 months ago, in February 2008, I took on a proper contract with the Office of the Chancellor of UP Los Baños; within a few days, I submitted a complete and unique outline for the UPLB Annual Report 2007. The outline was this: (Title)
UP Los Baños 2007:
Celebrating UP Centennial,
Cerebrating Distinctive Excellence(Introduction)
Keeping An Eye On The Vision, Teamworking For The Mission(A) UPLB Contributing To The UP Centennial Celebration(B) Strengthening The Pillars Of Distinctive Excellence
B1. Nurturing People
- faculty, REPS, administration staff, tenure
B2. Developing Resources
- income generation, structura…