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A wedding concert. Ding & Joy Hilario singing the greens

MANILA - Yesterday we were in Valenzuela City, which now I must call The Romantic City, first of all because of the shock and solace of the story of City Councilor Shalani Soledad, whom boyfriend and Senator Noynoy Aquino broke up with once he became President of his country, and who is now betrothed to a scion of the illustrious Romulos, Congressman Roman Romulo (see my story, "Stormy weather. How Shalani Soledad survived Signal #3," 30 September 2011, Flipinos, Flips! The announced non-wedding was a shock; the announced wedding was too.

We were attending a wedding. This one was expected. I have 4 sons: Jomar, Paul, Ding and Edwin. The 3rd, July Salvador "Ding" Reynoso Hilario, got married yesterday, and that leaves the 4th as the lone bachelor. All good-looking boys, I must say. Friends used to tease me about my looks referring to the girls by asking an impertinent question, "Bakit magaganda ang mga anak mo?" Why are your daughters pretty…

If it is Your Will. How long ago is a broken heart?

Will she heal, or will she not? Not yet.

Charm Dogma has a new essay, "Healing a Broken Heart" (17 December 2011, Charm Dogma, It's her story. As usual, it's short but, as usual, it's a long story. How long ago is a broken heart?

You're not alone, Charm. It happens all the time. It happens to the girl; it happens to the boy. It's what happens after it happens that you should watch out.

For me, it happened almost 50 years ago. I was a student at the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture, that Cow College.

She was my first love, and this boy from the village fell in love with this girl in town. I was from Asingan in Pangasinan, a town that never grew, and she was from Lucena, a town that grew up to be a city faster than this boy grew up to be a man.

I fell in love so hard that in 3 of my subjects I Failed (grade of 5) and was Conditional in 2 others (grade of 4). And so they kicked me out of that Cow College, and that broke my h…

A Day In The Life. Mother Mary comes to me

MANILA - Today, 08 December 2011, is Immaculate Conception Day; this is the day we Roman Catholics celebrate what we believe to be the day Mary the mother of Jesus was conceived without sin. Doesn’t that explain why Jesus was born without sin?

Why do Catholics adore Mary so much you could say they pay her more attention than Jesus the Christ?

Because Mary is the most ideal of mothers. "Mexican women and all the poor can claim Mary as symbol of motherhood because they have the existential human faith experience that 'mother is and always will be there'" (Carol Frances Jegen, Didn't you know that the Philippines is a matriarchal society?

I have read somewhere that Mary is the Bride of Christ. I am not comfortable with that; there's a mixed metaphor somewhere if only you can find it. I haven't heard of any Filipino talk about Mary like that, and I myself prefer to call Mary simply the mother of Jesus. But in fact, motherhood is not simple.…