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Book #7: The Old Man and the C. Or, How to Produce a Coffee-Table Book in 8 Weeks

26 April 2012, American Chronicle
MANILA - I am 72 years. If you count the years, I am old; but I don't know how to count like you do! So, instead of counting days, in the last 2 months, I have been counting 150 pages of a coffee-table book I was producing for an NPA, a nice-performing agency of government.

Old man? Right now I'm reminded of Ernest Hemingway's little book classic The Old Man and the Sea, published 50 years ago, where old Santiago conquers his months-old bad luck - 84 days without catching a fish. With a fishing line, he hooks a large marlin, more than 5 meters long. The big fish fights, jumping and swimming and swerving to set itself free, but the hook stays in place, and the line holds. It's not going to say die until it's dead. It swims away from shore and drags across the sea the old man on his little boat who will not let go.

On the 3rd day of the battle of wits between man and marlin, the man wins. In fact, the author is the ultim…

Book #6: JAQ's Book. AIM Triple A awardees, King of Class Notes, alumni networking

MANILA - How do you turn a stack of emails into a book? I just did. I designed and produced the book and we launched on 06 June 2012 JAQ's One Man Selling Change at the Asian Institute of Management in its campus at the City of Makati.

The one I call JAQ is Jerry Arreola Quibilan; his book is a compilation of emails exchanged between 2008 and 2010, in the middle of which is JAQ. Why not up to 2012? The point is not being up-to-date but the selling of change via email. Those emails provide pieces of information and insights into news and views in those years without unnecessarily connecting to the news and views of the present the names of individuals and institutions mentioned in those exchanges. Most if not all of the emails were triggered by JAQ 's relentless pursuit of change, individual and institutional.

What can we call those emails? In the book, I call the exchanges email social advocacy marketing (Email SAM). I invented the term, but JAQ invented the very c…

Book #5: Science of the Articulate. IMOD as ICRISAT & Partners' New Drylands Strategy

29 April 2012, American Chronicle
MANILA - "The best for the best" is what I wrote in the Author's Introduction to my brand new international book, 138 pages, all 62 photos in full color. Blessed are those that have not seen and yet have believed.

Based in Hyderabad in India, ICRISAT has just published my 5th book on the arts and sciences relating to international agriculture, especially in Africa and Asia; you're looking at a scan of the CD insert at the back of the book; the title of the book is the exact title of this essay. (I call her the Kangaroo Lady, meaning native and adaptive. If you want a copy, you might want to visit and send an email.)

Why the title? From what I have seen, ICRISAT is the most articulate among the 15 centers of the Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research based in Washington DC and supported by the World Bank. The Director General of ICRISAT is William Dar. With his leadership, for sure, ICRIS…

Book #4: Village-eye view, 2011. Knowledge as capital, by Team ICRISAT

03 February 2011, American Chronicle
MANILA - The knowledge revolution is all over your place even if you haven't noticed, it's all over the world even if you haven't heard. This time it's brought to you by Team ICRISAT in the drylands.

I'm thinking of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics whose Director General is William Dar and whose headquarters is based in Patancheru in Andhra Pradesh, India. The part of the knowledge revolution I have in mind is not only in India where ICRISAT is based but actually covers all of the drylands of Asia and Africa, not to mention those of Australia and the Americas. The knowledge revolution in the drylands waged by ICRISAT & partners is new proof, if new proof is needed, of Peter Drucker's contention in the 1960s that knowledge had become the primary capital of the democratic world.

On that revolution, I have just written another book. Just off the press, ICRISAT Innovations Sh…

Book #3: Exploit Science. See Options, Not Obstacles

17 February 2010, American Chronicle
PATANCHERU (INDIA) - Who is science that man should be mindful of him? Borrowing from Marshall McLuhan, science is an extension of man, and so it must serve him, even as scientists must be mindful of Abraham Maslow'shierarchy of needs, 5 groups of needs in all: physiological needs (like food and water), safety, belonging, esteem, and finally self-actualization needs (like morality & creativity) (Wikipedia). Not the first time I read Maslow, but this is the first time I noticed that creativity is a need. I am a writer and I certainly can´t do without it!

I submit that McLuhan and Maslow are as much as you can get immediately from the title of my new book, just off the press:

Exploiting The Power Of Science, Transforming The Semi-Arid Tropics (January 2010, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India: International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, 168 pages). This is my 3rd book in 3 years on ICRISAT; its title by itself sug…

Book #2: Smart Capitalism, Smart Science, Smart System

17 March 2009-07 December 2012[1]

It’s a book, it’s science, it’s a system.

A revolution devours its own children, doesn’t it? This one was devouring individualism, self-doubt, aimlessness, helplessness. A smart revolution. And I didn’t know about it until 9 years after it began at the turn of the millennium in 2000.

ICRISAT, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, has just published my 2nd book, THE SMART REVOLUTION with the subtitle ICRISAT Partners in Research for Development.
This is the content of the book:

(1) Bill Gates, Nobel Prize For Economics 2008! Well He inspires US To Creative Science
(2) Rated O Twice! When Drought Comes, Can ICRISAT Be Far Behind?
(3) Water Lessons Of Adarsha. Learning Began With What Scientists Didn’t Know
(4) 2nd Red Revolution. Red Nuts Grow On Badlands
(5) Grammar Of Global Warming. MSN Encarta Gets A Science Explainer Award
(6) The Green Elephant Of India. Understanding The Parables Of Buddha, Jesus, Science

Book #1: My American Book. Embracing Science Embracing Faith

December 17, 2007, American Chronicle
A newsmagazine has just given birth to a book by one of its writers; the newsmagazine is American Chronicle based in Beverly Hills, California, USA; the book is by a Filipino based in Manila in the Philippines, Frank A Hilario. The book: Team ICRISAT Champions the Poor, published 2007 November by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) based in Andhra Pradesh, India. The book comes with an inside back pocket with a CD, which contains the book itself in portable document format (pdf), that which opens with Adobe Reader. Excellent! Print and pdf in one package: I like to think that that is ICRISAT´s way of saying, ´You can´t have too much of a good think.´

It is a think book. In a letter-size format of 128 pages, my book is my own selection of 22 essays (and a bonus of 1) all published by the American Chronicle:

"The Yankee Dawdle. On Discovery Sorghum, The Great Climate Crop" (February 4) –…

Poetic Justice. Smart about choosing the next CJ

MANILA - Smart I said. Bloody smart. Let's choose as the next Chief Justice someone who is intelligent, bright, brilliant, knowing, quick-witted, an intellectual. Now, I realize that when I make such an enumeration (synonyms actually), I'm making it more difficult to discern who among the nominees should be chosen. Not to mention the fact that at the beginning, there were 25 nominees who agreed to undergo screening for the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (Marlon Ramos, 03 July 2012, 1. Amado Valdez, Law Dean (UE)
2. Andres Bautista, Chair, PCGG
3. Antonio Carpio, Acting Chief Justice (SC)
4. Arturo Brion, Associate Justice (SC)
5. Cesar Villanueva, Law Dean (Ateneo)
6. Ferdinand Jose David Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Pijao Sr
7. Francis Jardeleza, Solicitor General
8. Jose Manuel Diokno, Law Dean (La Salle)
9. Katrina Legarda, women's rights defender
10. Leila de Lima, Secretary of Justice
11. Ma Amelia Tria-Infante
12. Ma Lourdes Sere…

Schooling The Mind. Learning from Alan Turing's genius

MANILA - We can all learn from genius. I know. I'm doing it all the time. It takes genius, and you have it; all you have to do is use it! Now, as I genius will explain the genius of Alan Turing, if you just care to listen you might learn something. Alan Turing was a practicing gay, was the godfather of modern computing, was the war hero in deciphering the Enigma code that essentially won World War II for the Allies, was charged in 1952 and found guilty with a young man engaged in homosexuality that was forbidden in England at the time and was given the choice of going to prison or chemical castration by injection of female hormones and he chose the latter and suffered the side effects, and died 2 weeks before his next birthday - he would have been 42 on 23 June 1954. The Coroner pronounced it suicide, a self-destructive act "while the balance of his mind was disturbed" (Harvey Morris, 23 June 2012, Disturbed no doubt by the foreign substances in his body, …