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Walk for Life 2012, San Pablo City, Philippines

SAN PABLO CITY, PHILIPPINES - I estimated 1,000 warm bodies attending the concelebrated mass before marching for the "Walk for Life 2012" against the passage of the RH Bill, whosever congressional version it is. San Pablo Diocese Bishop Leo M Drona had expected many more; now he has a good idea how many are committed to saving the unborn.

That was yesterday, 24 March 2012. The placards said: "God is prolife" - Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Parish (San Pablo City). And "All babies choose to live." And "Life, the greatest gift a mother can give." And "Defend life. Save the unborn!" And "Jesus loves the children of the world, the born and the unborn." And "Your mother gave you the gift of life - pass it on!"

"Don't force your beliefs on me" - Commission on Family and Life

"4K is prolife."

"Mabuti pa tayo may B-Day. Papano na yong susunod?" - Couples for Christ (CFC) Servants of the L…

The Santa Maria in my mind. Roman Catholic churches in the Ilocos

MANILA - As a journalist, I just made a 1-week photo-prose journey to the Ilocos Region, up to Laoag City, about 500 km north of Manila, a whole day's journey into night. I am going after a coffee-table book that I will tell you more about in another place and time. Meanwhile, let me tell you I happily visited the famous churches of Laoag, Paoay, Vigan, and Santa Maria. The churches of Paoay and Santa Maria are extra-special as they have been declared World Heritage sites, 2 of only 4 notable Baroque Churches of the Philippines (Wikipedia). On my own, easily, I could make the historical connection with them and an unknown church that I know, the San Agustin Parish Church in Bay, Laguna. The Spanish church in my hometown of Asingan, Pangasinan I cannot compare - it was destroyed by an earthquake years ago and it was not restored; it was simply replaced, modernized beyond recognition and admiration, and the architect isn't sorry! This is one Roman Catholic church that is modern…