Walk for Life 2012, San Pablo City, Philippines

SAN PABLO CITY, PHILIPPINES - I estimated 1,000 warm bodies attending the concelebrated mass before marching for the "Walk for Life 2012" against the passage of the RH Bill, whosever congressional version it is. San Pablo Diocese Bishop Leo M Drona had expected many more; now he has a good idea how many are committed to saving the unborn.

That was yesterday, 24 March 2012. The placards said: "God is prolife" - Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Parish (San Pablo City). And "All babies choose to live." And "Life, the greatest gift a mother can give." And "Defend life. Save the unborn!" And "Jesus loves the children of the world, the born and the unborn." And "Your mother gave you the gift of life - pass it on!"

"Don't force your beliefs on me" - Commission on Family and Life

"4K is prolife."

"Mabuti pa tayo may B-Day. Papano na yong susunod?" - Couples for Christ (CFC) Servants of the Lord. (We're better off because we have birthdays. What will happen to the next generation?) And "Every life counts." And "Wag tangkilikin RH Bill!!! Supilin!!!" (Don't support the RH Bill! Frustrate it!)

Many Knights of Columbus (K of C) chapters belonging to the Diocese of San Pablo came to join today's "Walk for Life," a march of Roman Catholics of diverse groupings, including CFC and the Catholic Women's League (CWL). If we don't care for the unborn today, who will be born tomorrow?

The St Francis of Assisi Calihan Council 14361 of the K of C distributed a leaflet that had a "Prayer to protect our country from the forces of anti-life" and I quote:

Most Holy Trinity, protect our Beloved Country from the mounting anti-life forces in Government, non-Government agencies and media. Enlighten our Government workers with your wisdom and truth on the sacredness of life and bring to their awareness the disastrous end effects of their plans and actions of promoting and implementing anti-life laws that would result in the death of the unborn and the eventual breakdown of our society's moral fiber, as evidenced in all the countries that embraced this way of life.

Protect our families and our children from the subtle attacks and deceptions of the enemy that seek to destroy them and the values and traditions that we Filipinos hold so dear in our hearts.

We consecrate and entrust our country and our people to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through our Most Loving Mother Mary, the protectress of unborn children. Grant us the grace to be transformed into courageous disciples of Your Truth to defend our faith and inspire the faithful towards the observance of Your immutable and unchanging laws on life.

O Virgin Mother of God, present our petitions to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

The rallyists walked the main thoroughfare of San Pablo City in front of the cathedral. The photo I took shows in the foreground members of the newly proclaimed San Agustin De Bay Council 15385, whose Grand Knight is Roger Cuenca (left). I belong to this Council. The printed placard each Knight was carrying said, "Defend Life." I shot the marchers with the footbridge at the background to signify that we all must walk this way, defending life.

I joined the rally because if you're truly a Roman Catholic, you are pro-life. If you are anti-life, that is, if you want the RH Bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Noynoy Aquino, either you have some vested interest, or your logic is bad and, therefore, unacceptable.

The unstated logic behind the RH Bill is this:

Poverty is the problem and the cause is over-population;

ergo, to solve poverty, Government must control the population.

Interestingly, Noynoy Aquino ran for President, and won, on the strength of his claim that corruption is the cause of poverty in the Philippines. Now then, since he is pushing for the passage of the RH Bill, has he changed his mind about corruption?

It doesn't matter. Both the President and Congress are wrong in their theories about the cause of poverty. Neither over-population nor corruption is the cause of poverty - lack of access to productive resources is. And now I must hasten to explain my term productive resources.

Yes, the RH Bill will make sure that the poor will have free access to resources. Unfortunately, a condom is a resource but is not productive; in fact, it is meant to be unproductive. A contraceptive pill is a resource but is not productive either; in fact, it is meant to prevent production. When I say resource, I mean something that can be used to help a productive effort to succeed. It looks like Congress' bill on Reproductive Health is deceptive.

In 2004, Ruperto P Alonzo, Arsenio M Balisacan, Dante B Canlas, Joseph J Capuno, Ramon L Clarete, Rolando A Danao, Emmanuel S de Dios, Benjamin E Diokno, Emmanuel F Esguerra, Raul V Fabella, Ma Socorro Gochoco-Bautista, Aleli P Kraft, Felipe M Medalla, Nimfa F Mendoza, Solita C Monsod, Cayetano W Paderanga Jr, Ernesto M Pernia, Stella A Quimbo, Gerardo P Sicat, Orville C Solon, Edita A Tan, and Gwendolyn R Tecson co-authored the paper "Population and Poverty: The Real Score" (econ.upd.edu.ph). 22 names for 1 paper of 7,000 words, or about 1 page 1 author; that's what I call an over-population of authors! It made the writing more complex, with many authors responsible for it. It was that they wanted the whole world to know their combined thoughts on the subject:

Poverty is a complex phenomenon, and many factors are responsible for it. Rapid population growth alone cannot explain poverty. Bad governance, high wealth and income inequality and weak economic growth are the main causes. But rapid population growth and high fertility rates, especially among the poor, do exacerbate poverty and make it harder for the government to address it.

Notice any known names there? In particular, I note Balisacan, Canlas, Diokno, Fabella, Medalla, Monsod, Paderanga Jr, Sicat, and Solon. They all have what I call missing-the-point logic. If as you say bad governance, high wealth, income inequality and weak economic growth are the main causes of poverty, why bother first about what exacerbates it but does not cause it? What are you doing about bad governance, high wealth, income inequality and weak economic growth?! The majority of authors is not always right.

After the mass and before the rally, our guest speaker was Dr Ligaya A Acosta, Executive Director of Human Life International. She spoke of how we are being deceived about the RH Bill, contraceptives, condoms etcetera. Like, contraceptives have very bad side-effects. Like, never mind pleasure: Are you safe with the condom? I particularly remember her saying that sperms pass through the condom; how much more the AIDS virus that is many, many times smaller than the sperm?! Paul King (mombu.com) says if a sperm were an orange, an AIDS virus is a dot at the end of this sentence.

Today, 25 March 2012, is The Day of The Unborn Child, in honor of Jesus Christ's conception or The Feast of the Annunciation(dayoftheunbornchild.com). The Day of the Unborn has its origins in El Salvador as The Day of the Right to Be Born (Christina Hermoso, mb.com.ph). Our rally was in honor of the unborn.

The right to life begins in the womb.

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