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"One In A Million." Who, me?

ASINGAN, PANGASINAN - 10 May 2012. I am visiting relatives whom I didn't notice I rode with on the same bus going home from Cubao, Quezon City the other day, the Garcias (here shown are Bibang, more than 12 years younger, and Pide). The ancestral house was the third house from ours. Physically, the distance is still the same, but not the personal, social, spiritual - I have been staying too long away from Asingan and I don't visit relatives and neighbors like I used to when I was very much younger, in high school, more than 50 years ago, when I was a teenager. The Garcias are relatives. The father was Lakay Celoy (Marcelo), the mother Baket Teryang (Emeteria), both gone to Heaven. Manang Pide (Fidela) is the eldest of 6: Manang Eling (Cerelina, a Teacher) follows her, then Litang (Violeta, Teacher), Lito (Carlito, Nurse), Bibang (Genoveva, Nurse), Cora (Corazon, Nurse). Today, I'm 72 and talking to Manang Pide who is 74, and Bibang who is 62, who is visiting from Chicago,…