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Schooling The Mind. Learning from Alan Turing's genius

MANILA - We can all learn from genius. I know. I'm doing it all the time. It takes genius, and you have it; all you have to do is use it! Now, as I genius will explain the genius of Alan Turing, if you just care to listen you might learn something. Alan Turing was a practicing gay, was the godfather of modern computing, was the war hero in deciphering the Enigma code that essentially won World War II for the Allies, was charged in 1952 and found guilty with a young man engaged in homosexuality that was forbidden in England at the time and was given the choice of going to prison or chemical castration by injection of female hormones and he chose the latter and suffered the side effects, and died 2 weeks before his next birthday - he would have been 42 on 23 June 1954. The Coroner pronounced it suicide, a self-destructive act "while the balance of his mind was disturbed" (Harvey Morris, 23 June 2012, Disturbed no doubt by the foreign substances in his body, …

JAQ's Book. AIM Triple A awardees, King of Class Notes, alumni networking

MANILA - How do you turn a stack of emails into a book? I just did. I designed and produced the book and we launched on 06 June 2012 JAQ's One Man Selling Change at the Asian Institute of Management in its campus at the City of Makati. The one I call JAQ is Jerry Arreola Quibilan; his book is a compilation of emails exchanged between 2008 and 2010, in the middle of which is JAQ. Why not up to 2012? The point is not being up-to-date but the selling of change via email. Those emails provide pieces of information and insights into news and views in those years without unnecessarily connecting to the news and views of the present the names of individuals and institutions mentioned in those exchanges. Most if not all of the emails were triggered by JAQ 's relentless pursuit of change, individual and institutional. What can we call those emails? In the book, I call the exchanges email social advocacy marketing (Email SAM). I invented the term, but JAQ invented the very concept, or…

Book Launch - JAQ as One Man Selling Change

MANILA - Yesterday, 06 June 2012, Jerry Arreola Quibilan (JAQ) launched his book One Man Selling Change at theMeralco Case Room of the Asian Institute of Management in the City of Makati. From the book cover, the image shows a young JAQ with my digital rain, as in The Matrix, the film starring Keanu Reeves. The digital rain of The Matrix was supposed to represent the cold logic of the computer world; the digital rain in the book is the torrent of emails associated with JAQ, One Man Selling Change via the Internet. With some cold logic and intuition. I am the one who produced the book, designing the whole package including the covers, and doing the desktop-publishing part of it. My desktop publisher? Microsoft Word 2010, with which I also created a 50-page index of names and favorite subjects on the pages of the book. As I was telling the audience at the book launch, One Man Selling Change started years ago in New York City when JAQ and wife Linda watched a Christmas presentation and…