Book Launch - JAQ as One Man Selling Change

omscMANILA - Yesterday, 06 June 2012, Jerry Arreola Quibilan (JAQ) launched his book One Man Selling Change at the Meralco Case Room of the Asian Institute of Management in the City of Makati. From the book cover, the image shows a young JAQ with my digital rain, as in The Matrix, the film starring Keanu Reeves.

The digital rain of The Matrix was supposed to represent the cold logic of the computer world; the digital rain in the book is the torrent of emails associated with JAQ, One Man Selling Change via the Internet. With some cold logic and intuition.

I am the one who produced the book, designing the whole package including the covers, and doing the desktop-publishing part of it. My desktop publisher? Microsoft Word 2010, with which I also created a 50-page index of names and favorite subjects on the pages of the book.

As I was telling the audience at the book launch, One Man Selling Change started years ago in New York City when JAQ and wife Linda watched a Christmas presentation and JAQ was inspired by One Solitary Life, that of Jesus Christ changing the world. One Solitary Life is not so memorable, is it? I said that I think JAQ improved on One Solitary Life by coming out with One Man Selling Change, which is more meaningful.

I also told the audience that it actually took 3 years to produce the book. The first year I spent typing the text. Why did it take 365 days to type the manuscript? I wasn't typing every day, that's why. The 2nd year was spent editing, revising and excerpting the many attachments. You can't publish whole materials from publications without securing copyright permissions, and I didn't want to go through that trouble. The third year I spent coming out with the title, really.

In his short talk, Toting Bunye quoted himself from the book:

To say that Jerry is interesting is an understatement. Jerry is everybody's relative. It never ceases to amaze us, his classmates, to discover the length and breadth of Jerry's kinship, whether by blood or by affinity. To the members of his AIM CAN Group of MM '76, Jerry was the Can Do guy who went anywhere and everywhere to finish the group's assignment always on time. Jerry is the class historian. He carries around a photo or a clipping of just about any article printed or emailed about any of his classmates. He remains active in AIM Alumni Relations, always reminding us and inviting us to the next AIM event. Jerry can be very passionate in expressing what he believes in. With the advent of email, Jerry has given vent to this inclination with his on-line social commentaries. But above all, Joey Sycip sums up Jerry's sterling quality: "Jerry is a true friend who will go all out and out of his way to help you."

JAQ calls himself a Crusader for PPUL - Peace, Prosperity, Unity and Love. If you are in the orbit of his peregrinations, his emails are exactly that - digital rains: they come as steady as a rainfall even on a summer day. Sometimes they catch you without an umbrella. Days before the launch, I was thinking like this: "You are always anticipating JAQ's emails. Sometimes you dread opening them. Sometimes you want to open them. Other times they have pleasant surprises."

My own digital rain is a steady outpouring of essays on any subject, from A (Agriculture) to C (Computers) to M (Management) to T (Thinking Creatively) to U (Understanding Science) to Z (Zimbabwe). They are published in the American Chronicle and in my many blogs, which include: Frank A Hilario, Flipinos, iCRiSAT Watch, Pinoy Cinderella, iNoah's ARC, and Creattitudes. Just like JAQ, I do not write for everyone. JAQ writes in the present. In my case, like the philosopher Tasio in the Philippine National hero Jose Rizal's subversive book Noli Me Tangere, I write more for future readers, as I do not expect the present readers, the precious few of them, to appreciate what I'm saying. The 10% that do, I appreciate; the 90% that don't need to think out of the box.

JAQ as The One is one man selling change inside the box.

JAQ, his wife Linda and I appreciate those who attended the book launch, especially former Press Secretary and now Member of the Monetary Board, Central Bank Ignacio (Toting) Bunye, Editor in Chief Greg Atienza of AIM Leader, AIM's magazine; Jun Orobia, JC Aliwalas, Aurora Alesna, Rorie Adriano, Max Edralin Jr, Rufo Colayco, Humph O'Leary III, Ray de Jesus, Menchu Esteban, Enrique Nalus, Tony Sibal, Jose Paolo Sibal, Willie Villarama, and Sonny Coloma. Jun Orobia is the Chair of the Alumni Association of AIM Philippine Chapter. Sonny Coloma is the head of the Presidential Communications Operations Office of President Noynoy Aquino. Willie Villarama has many incarnations, including being Representative of the 2nd District of Bulacan and being against Reproductive Health.

The printer of the book is centralbooks, owned by the Sibals. I have one nice story to tell about the copies that went into sale yesterday, showing how good and how fast centralbooks can be when necessary.

Late afternoon of Tuesday, the day before the launch, they were printing the first copies after we approved the proofs, OK to print. Why in the last 2 minutes of play? Not centralbooks' fault but ours. Because, right there and then at centralbooks, with my Lenovo Intel B940 dual core laptop, we were still revising and cleaning the index the whole morning and into the afternoon. I needed the Lenovo with its 2 GB of RAM because I needed to save-as pdf the Word file, which as pdf turns out to be 120 MB. A blessing in disguise, because Word didn't use to be able to save-as pdf, excellent for publishing. You can use those downloadable Word-to-pdf converters for webpage or email purposes, but if you think they will give you high-quality pdf results if you want to publish a book, you're sadly mistaken. I made this expensive mistake myself 2 months ago.

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