JAQ's Book. AIM Triple A awardees, King of Class Notes, alumni networking

OMSC coverMANILA - How do you turn a stack of emails into a book? I just did. I designed and produced the book and we launched on 06 June 2012 JAQ's One Man Selling Change at the Asian Institute of Management in its campus at the City of Makati.

The one I call JAQ is Jerry Arreola Quibilan; his book is a compilation of emails exchanged between 2008 and 2010, in the middle of which is JAQ. Why not up to 2012? The point is not being up-to-date but the selling of change via email. Those emails provide pieces of information and insights into news and views in those years without unnecessarily connecting to the news and views of the present the names of individuals and institutions mentioned in those exchanges. Most if not all of the emails were triggered by JAQ 's relentless pursuit of change, individual and institutional.

What can we call those emails? In the book, I call the exchanges email social advocacy marketing (Email SAM). I invented the term, but JAQ invented the very concept, or raised it to a new level. With his practice of Email SAM, JAQ transformed the simple email into a potent force for change.

In his talk at the book launch, Greg Atienza, Editor in Chief of The AIM Leader, the magazine published by AIM, said that he felt it was an honor for the Asian Institute of Management to be chosen to be the venue for the launching, that JAQ was the 3rd alumnus to launch a book at the Institute's premises, that it was a reflection of the thought leadership of the Institute.

Greg said that at The AIM Leader, JAQ was "Hari ng Class Notes" - King of Class Notes, that JAQ was almost always submitting notes complete with pictures. "That is the correct exercise of ownership," Greg said. I can see that he is coming from the point of view not that the magazine really belonged to the publisher or AIM, not for the alumni simply to claim it but to make it their own. That's exactly what JAQ has been doing.

Greg said it may be that JAQ had in fact taken Class Notes to the next level. "Jerry, thank you for being a regular contributor to your magazine," he said. (Note that unlike in a regular magazine, the contributors to The AIM Leader do it gratis et amore.)

"I remember," he said, "that Jerry was the one who nominated Gina Lopez for the AIM Triple A Award, providing the necessary background documentation, and she became the first MDM recipient of that award."

In fact, Greg said, another lady won the Triple A Award, Sandy Prieto, who also took Master in Development Management (MDM), and she was also nominated by him. JAQ now has the distinction of having nominated 2 Triple A awardees. 2 Outstanding ladies, gentlemen.

"I know him as a blogger," Greg said, "a blogger by email. He is a good example of an active alumnus. He has exemplary skills at alumni networking." Before they came out with the new tourism slogan to sell the Philippines, Greg said, "It was already more fun with Jerry." (I see that Greg's "blogger by email" is a nice equivalent of "an emailer doing social advocacy marketing.")

I must confess, Greg said, noting the deluge of emails and attachments from JAQ, that he had created a special Windows folder for them: Jerry Quibilan stuff.

"Jerry," Greg said, "I commend you on your industry. You make the alumni association work a lot easier. I congratulate you for having found your passion, being a poet, photo journalist, being earnest, doing alumni networking, being an ambassador of alumni relations of the Asian Institute of Management."

That is JAQ being One Man Selling Change.

Even so, this book of emails speaks of change pursued by individuals other than JAQ.

There is Chief of Staff Alexander Yano, who goes after The Enemy Within the Armed Forces of the Philippines called "Politics." In a little while, this enemy has been crushed, Yano assures President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

There is Ric Abadesco who goes after other advocates to become Investors in People. That is the thrust of his leadership of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP). Ric wants to increase the membership of PMAP to include people in management functions other than personnel.

There is Frank A Hilario who goes after everybody doing his own creative thinking instead of only critical thinking, going after construction instead of destruction.

There is Gina Lopez who goes after people to join the movement for environmentalism. "Magnificence awaits us, if we take that step forward," she says. She is referring not only about ecotourism but about the whole Philippines.

There is William Dar who goes after the Philippine Congress creating a Philippine Drylands Institute for conducting research for development of the rain-dependent fields of the country. William is the Director General of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) based in India. ICRISAT has achieved so much in terms of new and improved science to serve the poor people of the drylands that it is now the leading international center for agriculture in the world.

There is Jerry Singson who goes after the establishment of the Ilocos Sur Special Economic Zone and Freeport Authority and is meeting opposition from the Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee, Rep Exequiel Javier of Antique.

There is the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals (BCBP) who goes after Honesty in business transactions:

Be Honest
Even if others are not.
Even if others will not.
Even if others cannot.

There is Fr James B Reuter who goes after every Roman Catholic to pray for the redemption of the Philippines. He sends out the chain email "The Only Hope for the Philippines" where he asks that every Filipino pray for the country.

There is the Korean boy Jaeyoun Kim who goes after Filipinos who should stop worrying about corruption less and love their country more. He sends out the chain email "My Short Essay about the Philippines."

There is Senator Aquilino Pimentel and his espousal of devolution and federalism. He is the principal author of the Local Government Code that devolved much government functions from the national down to the local level. He has also been espousing federalism for the Philippines.

There is Amina Rasul with her espousal of Muslims in Mindanao being given their ancestral share of the opportunities for development.

Last but not least, there is the Roman Catholic Church and its opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill. I myself am Roman Catholic and anti-RH. If you want to know Catholic JAQ's position on the matter, or something else, you have to read his book. Or email him.

In this book, you will see what I see: That JAQ is very passionate about many things. So, in real life, when I see that I disagree with him, I cut clean and say, "Let us just agree to disagree." I am very passionate at arguing myself; I know all the rules of debate; and I also know: Nobody wins an argument. You want to win, and so do I. So? No debate.

It is also no debate that JAQ's book of emails selling change is the first and only one of its kind in the world. Get yourself a copy!

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