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Poetic Justice. Smart about choosing the next CJ

MANILA - Smart I said. Bloody smart. Let's choose as the next Chief Justice someone who is intelligent, bright, brilliant, knowing, quick-witted, an intellectual. Now, I realize that when I make such an enumeration (synonyms actually), I'm making it more difficult to discern who among the nominees should be chosen. Not to mention the fact that at the beginning, there were 25 nominees who agreed to undergo screening for the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (Marlon Ramos, 03 July 2012, 1. Amado Valdez, Law Dean (UE)
2. Andres Bautista, Chair, PCGG
3. Antonio Carpio, Acting Chief Justice (SC)
4. Arturo Brion, Associate Justice (SC)
5. Cesar Villanueva, Law Dean (Ateneo)
6. Ferdinand Jose David Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Pijao Sr
7. Francis Jardeleza, Solicitor General
8. Jose Manuel Diokno, Law Dean (La Salle)
9. Katrina Legarda, women's rights defender
10. Leila de Lima, Secretary of Justice
11. Ma Amelia Tria-Infante
12. Ma Lourdes Sere…