Vatican Nude. The ladies protest too much!

clip_image002 MANILA: You're looking at a "silent scream" at the Vatican, in the company of Pope Benedict XVI as he was saying his weekly Angelus prayer. A nude protest. A rude protest.

The Pope was saying, "The Angel of the Lord declared to Mary: And she conceived of the Holy Spirit." And the Roman Catholic crowd must have been responding: "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

And these women? The 4 women were from the Ukrainian feminist group Femen based in Kiev. These angels of their lord declared to the Pope, and they conceived of their wholly spite. And I imagine the crowd must have responded, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, bless those women and pray for them as sinners now and at the hour of their death. Amen."

Truth to tell, those photographs tell me only one thing: Women don't look nice naked, or half naked. I'm 72, I've seen one, I've seen them all.

Poor girls! I saw the topless 4 women, facing me, demonstrating in front of people praying with the Pope. 6,500 miles away, I'm glad I was only looking at the reality of the bodies, not the vulgarity of the ladies. The painted words on the front upper body were "SHUT UP!" and those on the back were "IN GAY WE TRUST."

Shut up! Ladies, you're only disturbing the peace, making an indecent exposure of an indecent proposal. If you want to convince the Pope, or the males for that matter, to your cause, pulchritude and not bad attitude is your weapon, urbanity and not uncouthness is your ally, kissability and not kitsch is your friend, attraction and not distraction is your advocate. How many would like you on Facebook if you exposed yourself?

Ladies, if you want to demonstrate your bodies, get a painter and sit still and be a good model. If you want to demonstrate your talents at performance, go compete at The X Factor in a theater near you.

To The Femen To Make Much Of TimeGather ye rosebuds while ye may
Old time's still a-flying
And this same flower that bares today
Tomorrow will be drying!

Ladies, there are some rules you must follow if you want to get your message across, and not only across your bodies. I'm a student of communication; I was once a copywriter, so I can tell you with confidence that if you want to succeed in your campaign, you must follow the rules, the 4 Cs of communication:


"Shut up!" is concise, but it can also apply to you. Never ever come up with something that can be used against you and your cause. Unless of course you want your own mouth to betray you.

"In gay we trust" is comprehensive, but also simply is a bias. If you don't trust anyone else below the lofty station where you have perched yourself, if your society were all gay, or a predominance of gay, what would happen to government, education, television, the movies?

"Today we are here to protest against homophobia" is coherent but negative. Protest is the hobgoblin of little minds, the ghost of non-thinking mercenaries. Protest destroys, not builds.

"Equal rights" is clear, but a denial of family, the basic unit of society. "Gay rights" is unmistakable but is only a part of "equal rights" and therefore adverse to family rights. "Equal marriage rights" is a violation of natural law; even the beasts know that.

Females, I have just learned about Femen that female university students aged 18 to 20 formed the backbone of the movement when it was formed in 2008 (Wikipedia). One of the goals of Femen is "to develop leadership, intellectual and moral qualities of the young women in Ukraine." From what I have seen, do I understand that Femen is fomenting leadership in protest? That Femen is cultivating intellectual pride? That Femen is the moral compass of young Ukrainian girls?

And how come the girls go topless as their form of protest in Ukraine in the first place? Femen says, "This is the only way to be heard in this country. If we staged simple protests with banners, then our claims would not have been noticed." Girls, let this copywriter tell you that being impressive is not the same as being effective; people ogling is not the same as people buying.

Anyway, I like the girls, I mean Femen, because they are protesting sex tourism and prostitution in Ukraine. And then again, I understand that this is merely self-defense. In April 2012, Femen protested legislation to ban abortions in Ukraine by ringing church bells at the belfry of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev (Wikipedia). If you are a non-believer or non-Catholic, perhaps you don't know that Roman Catholics like me are pro-life and against abortion at any stage of the life of a baby in the womb, beginning at the time of fertilization of the egg by the sperm (for more of this, see my "Cell, Book & Candle. The basic units of life & death," 08 January 2013, The Creattitudes Encyclopedia,

And I know for certain that the Catholics would ban nude protests. Your protest, ladies, must be clothed with both reason and faith. If you have to choose between the two, the Roman Catholics will tell you:

Choose faith!

The females of Femen have been widely covered by the media, according to Wikipedia: CNN, BBC, Der Spiegel, Die Welt,, France 24, Euronews, Kyiv Post, USA Today, Reuters, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Widely covered by the media? Widely displayed, you mean. Women making spectacles of themselves always make good exhibits.

Finally, Maria Mayerchyk, from Lviv University, asserts that Femen is a "positive, radical and important phenomenon that is able to raise social issues" ( I doubt it very much, Maria. I assert that those girls are only able to raise their T-shirts and reveal their physical fragility and intellectual frailty.

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