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Judging Benedict. Andrew Sullivan hates the sinner, not the sin

MANILA: Whom have you hated lately? Remember what I said: Hate hates haters. Pope Benedict XVI is resigning effective today, Thursday, 28 February 2013 at 8 PM, the first Pope in the last 600 years to abdicate. Some people ask, why the rush? In the rush to judgment, ANN's 3-year old sentence reflects, I think, the intellectual mood of the times (author not named, 21 March 2010, Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday urged Catholics to refrain from judging sinners a day after he rebuked Irish bishops for their handling of a half-century of sexual abuse of minors by clergy.In just 32 words, ANN seems to contradict herself. If you are a proper Roman Catholic, you don't judge sinners. Rebuking the Irish bishops is not judging them but judging their acts, in this case, sin of commission or omission, as the case may be; otherwise, the Pope would have dismissed them outright. Hate the sin, not the sinner. In the New Testament, in John 8:1-11 (NRSV), there is the story of an adu…

SkillPages is great! Where to find a genius with words

MANILA: I don't remember now how I discovered SkillPages, or who discovered it for me, but I think SkillPages is great, or a genius, or both. For more than 3 hours this morning, Saturday, 23 February 2013, I was busy working on my SkillPages Profile, editing the original titles of the skills I'm offering the whole wide world to take advantage of - Creative Writing, Editing, Desktop Publishing, Photography, Book Producing, and Ghostwriting, as I first entered them weeks ago. Just boring titles, no images, and no other entries of any kind. This genius didn't know any better. Today, I don't know why but I decided to revisit my SkillPages and revise my list, but I'm glad I did. A lesson here is that you have to review what you have written, to find out what you haven't. And so now they each carry an adjective in their heads: Super Creative Writing
Best Text Editing Via Word 2010
Tops Desktop Publishing
Smart Photography
A-1 Book Production
Real Ghostwriting.And now t…

China as landlord & master. Won't the Philippines do a David?

MANILA: If we can't defeat China in a hand-to-hand combat, let's try a metaphor! On January 22, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said, "The Philippines had exhausted all political and diplomatic avenues for a peaceful negotiated settlement of its maritime disputes with China" over conflicting claims on the South China Sea / West Philippine Sea (ANN, 22 January 2013, "We are all for improving our economic relations with China, but it should not be at the expense of surrendering our national sovereignty." He then handed a note to Chinese Ambassador Ma Keqing, signifying that Manila was bringing the dispute to an international tribunal, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS). On February 19, the Chinese Ambassador returned the favor with a note that said Beijing refuses to participate in the UNCLOS arbitration (Joyce Pangco Panares, 21 February 2013, "Beijing repeated its long-s…

The new Rica Peralejo. To last, don't keep a relationship!

MANILA: Rica Peralejo is a vague memory, and now she has turned out to be a big surprise. Last month, I read on Yahoo News the story headlined "How To Make A Relationship Stronger" about what Rica Peralejo has learned in her 3-year old marriage to Joseph Bonifacio (Chuck Smith, 09 January 2013, Smith describes it as "one of local showbiz's most enviable relationships." Rica has been a popular TV host, an actress and a singer. How come? Smith says, "It has helped her marriage work so well." What is it? Rica gave up her showbiz career for Joseph, wanting to "focus on being a supportive wife." They have been married since January 2010. "Being a supportive wife" sounds news to me! Rica says: Probably a lot of people have said that marriage is not all romance but I don't think it's been said enough that marriage is hard work. So the way that you would do well or excellent or passionately for a job, (it shou…

Judge Roy Moore. Rise of America, Fall of the Americans

MANILA: "America The Beautiful" versus "America The Beautiful" - how do you like that?! Here is the short story of the rise of the individual and the fall of the social in the United States of America. A largely untold story. Through forwarded email has come to me the poem written by American Judge Roy Moore entitled "America The Beautiful" (I'm reprinting it in full below, as a footnote[1]). I Filipino am awed by the poet's creative expression, the originality of thought, and the courage to proclaim his belief in the Christian God despite the God Denial by Americans in their government offices and public schools. If you're not American, or if you didn't know anyway, Katharine Lee Bates' original poem "America The Beautiful" (original published in 1895, Wikipedia), after 100 years inspired the original poem "America The Beautiful" by Judge Moore (circulating in the Internet via email since 1997, urbanlegends.about.…