SkillPages is great! Where to find a genius with words

6 skillpagesMANILA: I don't remember now how I discovered SkillPages, or who discovered it for me, but I think SkillPages is great, or a genius, or both.

For more than 3 hours this morning, Saturday, 23 February 2013, I was busy working on my SkillPages Profile, editing the original titles of the skills I'm offering the whole wide world to take advantage of - Creative Writing, Editing, Desktop Publishing, Photography, Book Producing, and Ghostwriting, as I first entered them weeks ago. Just boring titles, no images, and no other entries of any kind. This genius didn't know any better.

Today, I don't know why but I decided to revisit my SkillPages and revise my list, but I'm glad I did. A lesson here is that you have to review what you have written, to find out what you haven't. And so now they each carry an adjective in their heads:

Super Creative Writing
Best Text Editing Via Word 2010
Tops Desktop Publishing
Smart Photography
A-1 Book Production
Real Ghostwriting.

And now there are lots of entries under each of those titles. And therefore, lots of opportunities for those out there seeking to hire people with skills like mine. I'm crossing my fingers.

Above, what you're looking at are images from me, cropped by SkillPages for my editing pressure and pleasure. You will see the full banners and more of me if you visit my Profile page, Frank Hilario, at But they do make nice little teasers and eye-pleasers, don't they?

On Page 1 of my Profile, you can read the list of my skills, about my work experience, my education, my connections. If you're looking for a creative writer, or an editor, or a desktop publisher, or a photographer, or a book producer, or a ghostwriter - or all of the above, you can find me there. I hope.

It must be unbelievable to find someone with all those abilities, and to think that he is self-taught in all of those! Well, I'm not surprised. I am a genius, you see; you're a genius, too, you know, but you haven't tapped into your abilities yet, while I have been tapping mine since, officially, 1975, when I joined the Forest Research Institute (FORI) and where I became the Chief Information Officer. The 1970s and 1980s were The Age Of Dinosaurs, as I like to call the giant typewriters that we used to type our popular articles, research reports, technical papers, and chapters of books with. In those days, with devices as ancient as those, you had to dig deep into your genius to be the Founder and Editor in Chief of 3 different FORI publications: Canopy (monthly newsletter), Sylvatrop (quarterly technical journal), and Habitat (quarterly color magazine).

Those days are gone now, and I'm happy to be in The Age Of The Information Superhighway, where anyone can find you travelling or stopping anywhere in the world as long as you make yourself findable - which is what SkillPages is all about. And I'm glad this is the place where I can apply the 4 Cs of Writing and describe myself rather Clearly, Concisely, Comprehensively, and Coherently.

So, you can imagine how I described my skills under each title, and what I said about my portfolio under each category. Here are the summaries:

About my Super Creative Writing, I said:

My creative writing is non-fiction, that is, in science, agriculture, government, education, entrepreneurship, environment, management, you name it. In fact, being extremely creative, and a master of Windows 8 and Office 2010, I can write on anything that you can find in the Internet - and quick as a mouse!

About my Best Text Editing Via Word 2010, I said:

With my favorite Word 2010 (or your older Word version), I can edit your article, essay, speech, or book manuscript using Track Changes and some other techniques - on any subject under the sun, including boring statistics and the incredible Bible. I edit so that what you have written becomes clearer, more concise, more comprehensive, and more coherent - and since I do not change your style (unless you want me to, or unless it's terrible), you come out still you!

About my Tops Desktop Publishing, I said:

I'm referring to practical desktop publishing that I can do for you - surprise! using mainly Word 2010. Is that possible? I can show you anytime anywhere in the world. I have so far desktop-published 7 books using this Microsoftware as a fast, efficient, interactive, flexible, and manageable desktop publishing program. The image you see is from one of the covers of the Philippine Journal of Crop Science when I was Editor in Chief - and the one doing the desktop publishing too. I worked so fast being editor and desktop publisher at the same time that I made the PJCS up-to-date in 4 years, from being late 3 years. That was a one-man-job. I can do it! And I can teach you so that you can do it yourself!

About my Smart Photography, I said:

I shoot with my 1-year-old digital Lumix FZ100 using skills that I developed in the last 35 years asking advice from many skilled photographers, and reading quite a number of books about and by master photographers - and master painters. Subsequently, I have developed a photographic style that is eclectic and adaptable to any assignment. I wake up very early morning (at 4 AM if necessary) to get good shots. You should too.

About my A-1 Book Production, I said:

Being very creative and with years of experience, I can adapt to the needs (felt or real) of a client. The subject can be anything under the sun - it's the story that counts first. If I like your story, or if I write it myself, I can produce the book for you.

About my Real Ghostwriting, I said:

I think like the would-be author - and then again, I don't think like him, because that's why he needs me in the first place. My skill in ghostwriting lies in both research and rewriting. My research is thorough; my rewriting is comprehensive, if not complete. With me, in the end, the ghost turns out to be really somebody who has a message to the world - and with that I the writer may surprise the ghost himself.

As I finalize this in the afternoon, at 1842 hours, SkillPages is reporting more than 18 million skills and still counting. If you assign 3 skills average to each SkillPages person, that gives you 6 million geniuses. And there I see a big question that this genius cannot answer:

"How in the world are those looking for the special genius they would love to hire when they have to wade through 6 million geniuses?"

Don't bother answering. At least, if you're looking for some genius with words, now you know where to find me!

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