The new Rica Peralejo. To last, don't keep a relationship!

rica peralejoMANILA: Rica Peralejo is a vague memory, and now she has turned out to be a big surprise.

Last month, I read on Yahoo News the story headlined "How To Make A Relationship Stronger" about what Rica Peralejo has learned in her 3-year old marriage to Joseph Bonifacio (Chuck Smith, 09 January 2013, Smith describes it as "one of local showbiz's most enviable relationships." Rica has been a popular TV host, an actress and a singer. How come?

Smith says, "It has helped her marriage work so well." What is it? Rica gave up her showbiz career for Joseph, wanting to "focus on being a supportive wife." They have been married since January 2010. "Being a supportive wife" sounds news to me!

Rica says:

Probably a lot of people have said that marriage is not all romance but I don't think it's been said enough that marriage is hard work. So the way that you would do well or excellent or passionately for a job, (it should be) more when you're working on your marriage (because) it takes two to tango.

So that's what Rica has been working on, her marriage. Rica has married a pastor; that is to say, husband and wife share a belief. But, as Smith sees it, Rica "believes sharing a common ground with a partner isn't enough to maintain a healthy relationship." I see it like this: If you want a relationship to last, don't treat it as a relationship. I see it beyond a healthy relationship; I see Rica isn't looking at it as merely a relationship; it's more than that - it's a partnership of equals, but with one more equal than the other, the husband more than the wife. Is the wife willing to accept that? This one is!

The wife has work to do at home, not the less with the husband. Rica says, "There are many things to learn about one another. If you're both willing to work it out, it's going to work." Nicely put, Rica!

You have to Invest Love in order to Earn Joy.

Another surprise for me: Rica is a blogger, and she has been blogging at least since January 2012. Her blog, Real Rica, is where I learn that since 19 August 2012, Rica is now a columnist for the Manila Bulletin, working under Ms Isabel de Leon, Editor of MB's Lifestyle & Travel ( No sweat. She has in her purse a diploma for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Creative Writing from the Ateneo de Manila University.

In fact, Rica says, if I understand her right, writing is her first love; read her "Moving Forward By Going Back To My First Love" (15 August 2012,, where she tells the little story of how she learned that she was already an MB columnist even before she knew it. Now she has to keep up with her writing. Even as she keeps up with her marriage. She writes well, if I may say so myself.

Rica says, "I learned that you cannot do marriage apart from God." And why is that? "Two human beings are too different. You may look the same on the outside or you have a lot of common interest but that's not enough to keep it together. You need God talaga." Really.

About her column for Manila Bulletin, Rica says (

(It's all about) regularly writing short articles for Manila Bulletin's Lifestyle section on Sundays, tackling personal discoveries, wisdom, and generally things about life. I think the most thrilling part of my conversation with Miss Isabel was when she said, "It's like you're just blogging on us." In my heart, I was thinking, "What could be more fun than that???"

Moreover, I am just so touched that my first few published and widely circulated works, will be articles coming from much joy and my heart. I really appreciate and value the trust and creative freedom I was given by my editor.

On my part, Miss Rica, may I observe that, already, you appreciate and value the trust your husband gives you and enjoy the creative freedom of being a wife to him and, sooner or later, a mother to your children.

I just came back from reading the Wikipedia entries about you, where I learned that your full name is Rica Carla Bautista Peralejo, where I was inundated with entries on your significant roles on numerous TV guestings & dramas, your TV hosting and judging, and your controversial and adult movies with Viva, OctoArts & Canary, Regal and Star Cinema. You have been dubbed "Horror Queen" and "Scream Queen" and "Bold Queen." It must have been a busy and noisy life!

You have also been a recording artist too, with a hit single, "Fallin'." Music has charm that soothes even the busy and noisy bee.

After you got married, you came out and said, "This is the new Rica Peralejo. I can honestly say I'm new. I'm not a fixed Rica. I'm totally new" (Thea Alberto Masakayan, 10 August 2011, I believe you.

Talking about your past showbiz life, you said:

I got hurt so much. We may look glamorous all the time but it's a hard job.

There was a time I wasn't being who I was to be anymore. I was just really lost.

I went from happy to dark, to sad, then after that I realized some things. I was able to go back to that state where I'm just happier. And then there's more grace in my life.

You found a new purpose in life. "I find it purposeful to be who I am; to have that kind of past is a very good platform for me to be able to help others."

You and your pastor husband want to reach out to the youth. You said they are our future. That's what you meant when you said, "You can also help others without entering politics."

You were born on 07 March 1981; Advanced Happy Birthday!

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