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"O Naraniag A Bulan." How an old folk song can help choose new Senators!

ASINGAN, PANGASINAN: I was in my hometown for almost 2 weeks, from 09 April to 18 April, smack in the weeklong town fiesta starting 13 April, and the evenings were full of dancing and music. I attended only the Balikbayan Night, Wednesday, 17 April, but all the time I was staying at the Danggay Office of the Nagkaisa Multi-Purpose Cooperative, so that I heard every single note from late afternoon to early the next morning for many nights; it was difficult to sleep. You see, the Danggay building is inside the town plaza, right next to the public auditorium. It isn't music when the decibels are too high, and many a time I approached the technicians to please keep the volume down, from 100 times too high for my listening pleasure. I must say the quality of the sound systems is 1st class; the quality of the technicians is 3rd class. Yet, the writer's voice must rise above the din! The one song that has kept ringing in my ears until now, 1 week after I left Asingan, is the Ilocan…

Catholic White Vote Movement. 6 million votes is doable!

MANILA: Don't ask Bro Mike Velarde if there is a Catholic Vote. He'll say, "I'll show you." Here is a scene in a Saturday gathering in Parañaque City of the El Shaddai members numbering around 500,000: Bro Mike: "Sino ang Catholic sa inyo?"
El Shaddai: "Lahat!"
Bro Mike: "Who will vote sa eleksyon?"
El Shaddai: "Lahat!"
Bro Mike: "'Yon ang Catholic Vote!" Actually, I invented that merely as a joke, but on second thought, when I look at it again, I see that the joke is not simply on Bro Mike; the joke is on us Catholics. My Catholic Vote joke implies 4 things: (1) The Catholic Vote is not united.
(2) The Catholic Vote is not championed.
(3) The Catholic Vote is not targeted.
(4) The Catholic Vote is a powerful force. I'm talking here of the Catholics as voters. They don't have a voice; what they have are many a voice. Too many voices spoil the vote."There were those who said that there's no Cath…

Why Frank Hilario didn't stand up when the National Anthem was sung

ASINGAN, PANGASINAN: 17 April 2013, Wednesday. It was the first time I ever went to a reunion; it was also the first time I ever objected to a presentation. In fact, I did it twice. None of the presentations met my criteria of correctness and appropriateness. And why did I suddenly become logically fastidious in a school reunion? You will see!

This was the Rizalian Reunion, actually organized by the Golden Jubilarians, Class '63 of the Rizal Junior College (RJC). I belong to the Rizalian Class '57. In those years, the RJC High School Department was one of the top schools in all Pangasinan. The man in the image is Alex Tanwangco, Class '65, the sponsor of the affair, doing  one of the things he likes to do best: singing. He's a good man, a good singer too!

Roger Daranciang said to "Come as you are" and so I came, as Indiana Jones, my new incarnation, with the hat, shorts and shooter (camera). I came to enjoy, and I was enjoying the talk of some of my classmates…

My Free Creativity Workshop. Your Free View To Your Richer World

MANILA: I'm doing it because I can, at 72. I'm spreading The Gospel of Creativity According to Frank Hilario as my legacy, sharing my talent, collecting only achievements, not assets, because my journey is my reward. I will now quote my poster invitation: Inviting you to a 3-hour Creativity Workshop, designed to be the first step in your Journey Of A Thousand Smiles. Come and join us in a work & play space where, with a little help from a friend, your mind and heart will open the doors (and windows) to the blessings of the outside world by cultivating your own creative spirit. To a personal inner, richer world, everyone welcome!A free Creativity Workshop offered by Frank Hilario, UP Outstanding Alumnus for Creative Writing (2011) To introduce the idea here, let me simply say that I'm just following the excellent example of God when He created the world. What was His first wish? "Let there be light." My Gospel of Creativity is dedicated to that very first …