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Square Tactics. Reinventing Alumni Websites Everywhere

MANILA: This is the newest and most radical look of any University of the Philippines (UP) Alumni Website, or for that matter, any Alumni Website anywhere in the world. Click this link now if you want to look at the real thing: UPLB Jubilarians 2013.

Here, you're looking at my screen capture of the UP Los Baños alumni website, and it wasn't like this when I created that blog on Saturday, 11 May 2013, just 9 days ago. Unintentionally, with this, on Friday, 17 May 2013, I reinvented The Alumni Website on Planet Earth. From now on, all the other Alumni websites will look nice but unappealing, neat but unexciting, useful but unattractive. This is not your lucky day!

Since this is all about Alumni, people, I'm happy now to give the design a name, Square Tactics, to signify equality of the faces, races notwithstanding. As the Webmaster here and the Editor of the yearbook to come out based on these Alumni Squares, I shall make sure that there are no round pegs in…

Jeff Bliss walks out into history. A student teaches his teacher how to teach

MANILA: If you haven't done so, go watch the YouTube video uploaded by James Smith showing Texas' Duncanville High School Sophomore Jeff Bliss lecturing his World History teacher Ms Julie Phung on how to teach (08 May 2013, - right after she kicks him out of the classroom. And I teacher will tell you this 18-year old student is good! (As I rewrite this at 0630 hr Sunday, 12 May, the video has been viewed 2,967,406 times 4 days after uploading.) I know where Jeff Bliss is coming from. I was a student, I was a teacher, and I taught World History myself in high school. Truth to tell, I wasn't any better than Teacher Julie. The only difference was that I cared about my students, so who would tell me to my face that I wasn't teaching my students well; Julie Phung has her student Jeff Bliss telling the whole class, and the whole world, through a cellphone video via YouTube, that as a teacher she has not done enough - and what she needs to do. As a certified te…

Google, Out! Google's genius? Out, out brief candle!

MANILA: Paghahanap, Mga Larawan, Mga Mapa. Is Google trying to make me a nationalist by imposing the Tagalog (Filipino) language on me? No, thank you, I'm not a Tagalog nationalist; I'm an Ilocano nationalist! I hate Google talking to me with its Tagalog menu by default. To the Google mind who thought of language menus, like Filipino for Filipinos, here's a dose of your own medicine: Denggennak: Kayatmo nga sawen, nalalaingka ngem siak? Birukek ti Tagalog no kayatko, saannmo nga ipapilit kaniak! Ania nga gapu nga aramatek ti Tagalog menu ket English ti kayatko nga sapulen, ala ibagamman kaniak?! "Lukdit ti aso nga kadapdapo," as kuna ni Lakay Disiong nga amangko idi. Apay nga ilakom kaniak ti Filipino ket Filipinoak? Uray koma ngem nagalas met, di nga umno ti translationmo. Leppasem nga basaen daytoy tapno maammuam no kasano ti kinalaingmo. Ania ngarud ti riknam itatta nga agbasbasaka iti dimo matarusan wenno dimo kayat? That describes in my language my person…