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WHAT IS TRUTH? From a non-believer to a believer

Here's an exchange of short emails that started Friday, 16 August 2013 and I'm going to end right now, Wednesday, 21 August 2013 at 1600 hr. It's between me and SINO, Someone I NO, I mean I disagree with, as you will see. SINO: The statement is accurate: "Truth exists even without a human mind to perceive it."It cannot be a lie to anyone who can understand the sentence.FRANK: it is the human mind that is saying "the truth" that needs no human mind to comprehend it - so that statement is self-contradictory and is in fact more than a lie - it's a deception. SINO: You can always twist the truth according to a twisted argument.FRANK: we cannot claim to know the ultimate, unbiased truth because we cannot get out of this life to look at "truth" in the eye. i can only say, for instance, that the truth i believe in is this ... SINO: You are correct! But now you acknowledge that there is a truth that we cannot get out of this life to look at in …

Agrarian coops empowered? Ilocos Farmers-Entrepreneurs Training

BAGUIO CITY: How do you train agrarian reform farmers to be entrepreneurs? You reform them!We are not looking for any paradigm shift but, you know, if you are creative, you will see your paradigm shifts when you are not paying attention to it. As the inventor of serendipity Henry Walpole puts it, serendipity is finding something you were not looking for.It's Thursday, 01 August 2013. We are in Baguio City at the Conference Hall (4th Floor) of the Brentwood Apartelle at Brentwood Village off Teachers Camp. We are in a workshop with representative farmers of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries' Organizations (ARBOs), which include coops and associations. They are from ARBOs of several towns in the provinces of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan in Region 1. There are about 100 warm bodies participating. Image shows Ms Maridelle Dizon, CEO of UMIC International, introducing her company's consultancy firm; UMIC is providing the agri-technology training and agri-extens…

Barbara Gonzalez loves Carl Jung. I love somebody else

MANILA: I had nothing better to do today, 03 July 2013, so I read a friend's new paper. I came across a familiar name, BarbaraGonzalez, Tweetums of old, columnist of the Philippine Star, who writes on her column about her long Jungian experience since she discovered Carl Jung when she was still the head of an advertising agency. She speaks of the launching of the 2nd Jung Festival on the 4th of July by the Friends of Jung. She doesn't say where, but of course I know: It's mostly in the mind.4th of July! That's what I consider The True Independence Day of the Philippines. When the Friends of Jung launched that Festival, did they celebrate the independence of spirit that Jung has given them, or at least shown them? Pray, what have they been liberated from? We know of course that Jung liberated us from the Freudian fixation on sex. Did you listen to Freud talk about directing his first sexual impulses to his mother? I would not. Barbara writes about Ramon Abola and Berni…