Barbara Gonzalez loves Carl Jung. I love somebody else

clip_image002MANILA: I had nothing better to do today, 03 July 2013, so I read a friend's new paper. I came across a familiar name, Barbara Gonzalez, Tweetums of old, columnist of the Philippine Star, who writes on her column about her long Jungian experience since she discovered Carl Jung when she was still the head of an advertising agency. She speaks of the launching of the 2nd Jung Festival on the 4th of July by the Friends of Jung. She doesn't say where, but of course I know: It's mostly in the mind.

4th of July! That's what I consider The True Independence Day of the Philippines. When the Friends of Jung launched that Festival, did they celebrate the independence of spirit that Jung has given them, or at least shown them? Pray, what have they been liberated from? We know of course that Jung liberated us from the Freudian fixation on sex. Did you listen to Freud talk about directing his first sexual impulses to his mother? I would not.

Barbara writes about Ramon Abola and Bernie Nepomuceno talking about "Loss & Rebirth," which is "about death and the rebirth that happens after somebody is finally and truly laid to rest." As a Roman Catholic, I believe in the resurrection of the dead, in everlasting life, so that's not news to me.

Barbara says Bernie has discovered her talent of communicating with the people who are dying, or comatose, or otherwise unable to communicate by their own power. My question applies to myself too: "Why don't we do our best to communicate with people while they are very much alive - including those we hate?"

The Friends of Jung has also launched "Exploring the Self," which is "a wonderful seminar on getting to know yourself better," with which Barbara fell in love at first sight, so much so that she decided to attend for the second time. Love is lovelier the second time around. After that, "The Magical Art of the Soul." Then, "Music & Dance." Barbara says, "This will make you connect with your inner self, your soul." Then Barbara herself will talk about "Breaking the Rules."

The self that this Catholic wants to know better is the creative self. The magical art of the soul that this Catholic wants to master is that of Corinthians 13 and Romans 12. Surrendering my cares to God connects me to my inner self, my soul. And I find breaking the rules too logical and therefore restrictive; I prefer making paradigm shifts, which is always creative. To borrow from Henry Walpole, serendipity happens when you make a paradigm shift, where you find what you're looking for because you're not looking for it.

"My creativity has returned," Barbara says. She has been making and selling things to raise funds for the Carl Jung Circle Center. Barbara loves Jung for saying and believing that "people keep growing until they die." And what is that all about? Barbara says, "It's about becoming a person more interesting to yourself." She says she has since taken up watercolor and has had 3 exhibits. She is into making "very attractive earrings." With those earrings, she and friends have been raising funds for the Jung Center. She is again teaching writing. "I have begun giving talks again," she says.

And me? I'm more interested in becoming more interesting to more people whether they're interesting or not!

She has discovered that she is a creative Aphrodite. "That's development," she says. She has also discovered that she is Hestia, the invisible goddess and a total homebody. She says:

Now I am still a homebody but with style. If I don't feel like making m bed, I do not. If I don't feel like shedding my pajamas, I stay in them. Am I miserable living alone? No, I love it. I have many friends but I also have my own space that I manage the way I feel like. That is Jung's greatest gift to me.

I understand. Carl Jung is an earthly god to Barbara Gonzalez who is an earthly goddess in her own eyes.

Everybody knows that Barbara has been through Hell, even if she does not believe in it. I do. I'm a Roman Catholic that Barbara is not. I've been there myself, or, more accurately, I've been in Purgatory. She has had a breakdown, and I almost did. You should be glad you didn't!

Carl Jung wasn't there when Barbara was in Hell, otherwise why did he not rescue her from the damnation? Jesus Christ wasn't there when I was in Purgatory; I know because I asked God to rescue me on my birthday, and he didn't - He didn't even say, "Sorry." What I heard was deafening silence. So I drifted out of my Catholic faith. I said, "There is no God." When Barbara was in Hell, there was no Carl Jung.

So how did Barbara Gonzalez get out of Hell? Through Barbara Gonzalez. So how did Frank Hilario get out of Purgatory? Through Frank Hilario. First of all, you will have to rescue yourself. It's a girl's will. It's a boy's will.

Then you need a doctor. Our doctors were different. Let me just put it this way: Barbara's other doctor was Carl Jung; my other doctor was Jesus Christ - both were not physically present, but the strong belief in their presence was there. I'm sure people held Barbara's hand. Strangers held my hand and I returned to the Catholic faith and there found more hands to hold me. Faith and friends will rescue you, not simply faith in yourself.

If I had believed in Carl Jung instead of Jesus Christ, would I have been happier to be rescued from the jaws of living Hell? I believe not.

I mean, at almost 73, it's lovely for me to know from Carl Jung that we keep growing until we die, I must qualify, if we think right. Still, Betty Friedan in her last book The Fountain Of Age has taught me much more than that; she says we keep growing more until we die, if we live right.

Beyond that, my Roman Catholic faith tells me it's lovelier than growing to be giving of yourself. It's lovelier believing in others after believing in yourself again.

We might call Barbara "Wonder Woman," for having stood up after stumbling, for flying again after falling. American teenage swimmer Missy Franklin is being called by her main rival, Australian Cate Campbell, Wonder Woman, after having won her 4th gold in the world championships in Barcelona (ANN, 03 August 2013, same newspaper issue, print ed). Missy says:

We don't even think about such stuff. My motivation speeches consist of just saying, "Go out there and have fun!" so that's what we do. Being up there and singing your anthem completely out of key at the top of your lungs is when you know the hard work has paid off!

What I don't see in Wonder Woman Barbara Gonzalez is going out there and having fun, like singing the national anthem completely out of key at the top of her lungs. She must try it sometime!

The problem with philosophers, psychologists and psychiatrists is that they don't have fun. Go out there and have fun, that's what I do. So, don't wonder that I'm so creative I have a collection of a total of more than 1,500 essays that are at least 1,000 words each (visit The Creattitudes Encyclopedia,

In conclusion, Barbara says, "Jung has developed my instincts." In parallel, I say, "Jesus has developed my insights." One is inward, the other is outward. One is rewarding, the other is forwarding.

My faith tells me it's lovelier than to be an earthly god to be a creative soul and help others keep growing and giving until we die. It's lovelier to help others become more positive than negative, more creative than critical, more constructive than destructive, and to be giving more than getting.

It's not the wind's will. It's a girl's will, it's a boy's will. I am free to love God as I love others as I love myself. That is Jesus' greatest gift to me.

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