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Farmer's Choice. Xmas card, IPM Check, Henri Fayol & Vic Ladlad

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO: I'm beginning to write this in this city in La Union in Northern Philippines. 24 November 2013: I was the facilitator the other day and yesterday, Saturday, for the 2nd installment of a farmers' training under the auspices of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) contracted for by UMIC International, of which we are consultants, under the project titled Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services (ARCCESS). ARCCESS is unique and brilliant, if you ask me; my congratulations to the DAR. ARCCESS demands the best in you as consultant; it demands the best for the DAR farmers; it demands the best from the farmers too. The Department of Agriculture (DA) should learn from it too, if the DA knows what's good for the farmers. For the farmer beneficiaries of the agrarian reform law, via ARCCESS, the DAR wants primarily, as according to our Terms of Reference, the "provision of decision-support tools" with the assumption that…

Hilario's Theory of Technology Infusion. Dark thoughts early morning

SAN FERNANDO CITY: 23 November 2013. I'm typing this in this dark mezzanine floor of this family room in Sea & Sky Hotel in the City of San Fernando in La Union, with only the screen of my Lenovo laptop illuminating itself. I sit yoga-like. On my crossed legs, I'm typing using an external keyboard, whose keys I don't see at all. It's 0250 hours, Saturday, and we are in La Union as consultants of UMIC International for the DAR project called ARCCESS, short for Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services. We means Butchoy Espino, Dormie del Carmen and I; we are a team; it just happens that I am the facilitator of the training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and I finished yesterday 2 training sessions, the first at the offices of the Atlas Mabuna MPC in Lasip, and the second at the offices of the Progressive MPC in Oraan East in San Fabian, both in Pangasinan. How can I type when it's dark and I can't see the keys on my external…

Farmer's Choice. A Day in the Life of a Trainer of Trainors

SANTA BARBARA, PANGASINAN: Not my wont, but I'm wearing a red t-shirt. I didn't plan this, but it's Friday, 15 November 2013, and today just happens to be a red-letter day. As you will find out. I just woke up; it's 4 in the morning. I'm beginning to write this in one of the dorms of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in their Region 1 Santa Barbara offices. I'm going to finish this probably in San Fernando, La Union tomorrow where we're going to train farmers under the ARCCESS project of the Philippine Department of Agrarian Reforms. ... Well, I'm finishing this Sunday, 17 November, 3 days later, at the Danggay House in Asingan, Pangasinan, my hometown. It's been a long day, and it's a long story. We are a team of 3, now in Rissing, Bangar, La Union: Butchoy Espino (man in the image facing my camera), Team Leader; Dormie del Carmen, Crop Specialist; and I, Training Specialist. We are all graduates of the College of Agriculture of the U…