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What Has Google Wrought?

Can you spot the difference? I superimposed 1 screen capture over another, grabbed in 2 different days in the same month, this September. (No, there is nothing wrong with "Works at where he finds a PC. Attends University of Reading, Thinking … Lives in Manila, Philippines." Both entries are correct.)
On Monday, 15 September 2014, the count of my Google+ views was 1,068,474 (left image). On Sunday, 29 September 2014, the count became only 709,466, decreasing the count by 359,000!Google, what did I do to deserve this?
What should be Addition becomes Subtraction. Google, you are defying the law of gravity – there is gravity in what you did. You are defying the law of mathematics, where instead of adding, you are subtracting the additional.
Now then, if Google can fail dramatically in a simple arithmetic task, what can happen with Google PageRank? Can it over-count – or, as in this case, under-count, the results?
As a matter of fact, we all know that PageRank over-counts the oc…

Brain Grain

MANILA: Rice is a grain not linked to the brain, but it should be, and I'm going to prove it now. The College of Agriculture of UP Los Baños didn't teach me that, but professors can always learn from their students. I shot the original of this photograph in Bangar, La Union 09 August 2013, but rice is a continuing story that needs to be on the head, so there!On the 10th of May 2014, The Economist came out with 2 articles: "The new green revolution: A bigger rice bowl" and "How better rice could save lives: A second green revolution" – I'm always interested in grain revolutions, but this one I didn't know. What I didn't know didn't help me until someone emailed me the pdfs. Thank you, kind Sir!There are 2 main assertions in the stories by ANS[1] of The Economist, and these are: (1) More funds for rice research will cost less per head and will return more for the money. Come on, people: Invest. (2) The world needs to breed faster better rice v…

UP looking for Revolution. Rizal looking far ahead

MANILA: And I'm looking to entertain you on the subject of Jose Rizal before, during or after his birthday on 19 June 2014, his 153rd. If you need an original, entertaining, motivational, free speaker next month, I'm volunteering – I will speak breezily on the subject "7 things you should know about Jose Rizal that will forever change the way you look at him and the Philippines yesterday, today and tomorrow." (The list I have here is only 5, and it's not meant to be spoken, only to be read.) 1 hour or so, with Q&A. Contact How can I do that? I'm a certified teacher. I have been writing in the last 57 years, and I have been studying Jose Rizal in the last 17. I have translated in English 2 of his poems (the boy poem and the valedictory), and I have written a book on him (details below).Anyway, have you noticed? The UP Oblation is always looking UP. Jose Rizal is always looking Far Ahead (statue in Calamba City, while under construc…

The Dr Antonio C Oposa Sr I didn't know

MANILA: I've just finished reading the latest (certainly not the last) email from just turned 90 years old (April Fool's Day) outstanding Manila surgeon Antonio Oposa Sr and, after reading this long one, consisting of back-and-forth emails, I emailed him back (in red font):So, you turn out to be better than I read in your book, than I came to know you.He just wrote back, "THANK YOU FRANK!" And that has inspired to write this new one.THE DR ANTONIO OPOSA I KNOWHe has been a great surgeon, of this I have no doubt, working on soft and hard and warm bodies; but he has not been a great operator in working with software and hardware with or without warm bodies, of this I have no doubt too – he couldn't have formatted "THANK YOU FRANK!" in caps & lower case like "Thank you, Frank!" with the font in bigger size, or in red, like you can do in Gmail, which he uses, and often. It doesn't matter really. He is 90 and I am 74, going on 75, and I sup…

Yearbook disaster in Phoenix. The Ghosts of Errors Past

MANILA: After its yearbook disaster, Barry Goldwater High School as Top 28 in Arizona is dead. Can BGHS rise again, like the Phoenix? "Most Memorible Experience" is horrible. Wrong spellings, capitalization errors, misplaced text, wrong page references, missing pictures, even wrong volume number and year on the spine – that describes the 2013-2014 yearbook of the Barry Goldwater High School; it's a "book of blunders," says Kristen Keogh (16 May 2013, This one is a "book of wonders" because it's unbelievable. The BGHS campus is found in Phoenix, Arizona. The BGHS has had award-winning yearbooks in the past; will this Phoenix rise again from its ashes?BGHS student Ashtyn Dial said, "There's a lot of mistakes in it." Each student paid $70 for a copy of this yearbook of errors. Senior student Teresa Martinez said, "There (are) a whole (bunch) of typos and I (have) a friend who (has) her name seven times in the yea…

­The Good Earth of Nestor Salvador

EVEN THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE is now advocating organic fertilizers. As direct proof, at noon today, 30 April 2014, in Asingan, Pangasinan, I witnessed 29 farmers in Barangay Dupac graduate from a "Farmer Field School on Sustainable Agriculture with (Emphasis) on PalayCheck." The graduation ceremony even had a theme: "Learning, checking and sharing for the best farming practice."If you ask me, what is more important to learn there is not PalayCheck but Sustainable Agriculture, because you can be perfect in checking out important technological landmarks (ü), and yet fail if you cannot sustain your family from your farming.So, what is the best farming practice? If I have to choose one, it's organic farming. Necessary in sustainable agriculture are organic fertilizers, which are inexpensive and effective, not inorganic fertilizers, which are many times more expensive and less effective. The organic fertilizer that I'm interested in right now is called wor…

The Business of What if? A missing tooth, amazing plan

MANILA: As I begin to write this, Friday, 28 March 2014, we are in the village of Lasip in Malasiqui, Pangasinan in Central Luzon, Philippines; we are on our 3rd day and 3rd ARBO business plan finalization visits, after Rissing Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Bangar, La Union on Wednesday afternoon, and after San Jose MPC in Caba, La Union on Thursday. We are working as consultants under the ARCCESS Project of the Department of Agrarian Reform. ARCCESS is the Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services project for the farmers whom the DAR prefers to call the agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs); DAR wants the ARBs to be economically better off, to learn market-oriented farming, along the way to decide for themselves. Farmers or ARBs, following the DAR's initiative, we should want all farmers to be market-oriented. Unless you want them to be poor forever.Farmers market-oriented? Look, so far in our 6 months of teaching (and learning) from the ARBs in several t…