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24 Years of BLD ME 4 Los Baños

05 January 2014 was the 24th Anniversary of ME 4, Bukás Loób sa Díyos Los Baños Chapter.
We had the Marriage Encounter at the SVD Retreat House in Tagaytay City 4-6 January 1991, with Fr Larry Tan as our Spiritual Director. Our Presentors were Chito & Eva de los Reyes of Santa Cruz, Manila, and Frankie& Jing-jing Ramos of United Parañaque. Our BLD Los Baños Tri-Cord were Doming & Charito Santos, Jack & Mely Siopongco, and Armand & Belle Villaflor. Our Community Shepherds were Boy & NenaSalud of BF Homes, Parañaque. Class Shepherds of ME 4 were Doming & Charito Santos; Class Shepherds of ME 3, who were our sponsoring class, were Romy & Luming delCastillo.
As ME 4 couples, we were 32 in all: Angeles, Doming & Lorna. Balinos, Philip & Fe. Bautista, Robert & Ofie. Burce, Oscar & Estrella. Capiral, Ben & Alice. Capuno, Romy & Marie. Exconde, Ofel & Susan. Francisco, Sergs & Hermie. Garcia, Manny & Marie. Guerrero, Dino &a…

Lolo Ome's “First Encounter with the Elite Kind”

Note: Today, the whole afternoon, senior citizens Romy, Naz and I were in a reminiscing mood about some victories of yesteryears and in a welcoming mood about some challenges of today. In this piece, Romy remembers someone with fondness and admiration. And I, I remember with gladness that Romy did not write as well yesterday as today. Image taken 18 November 2008 in a basketball court in Calamba City; Romy is the man in white, left; Naz is the man in red, right; I am the photographer -- Frank HBy Roman Romeo G. Nagpala*In our struggle in life someone, somehow, would had made possible events leading to the path of our own destiny. But of course He the divine creator is the real director in the reeling of our cinematic lives. The feature article “Uplifting the Lives of Fil-Ams through Empowerment” by Mico Litargo (www.asian sparked memory recall button in this 2013 yearend reflections. Looking back, the one featured in the article – Atty. Jose Y. Lauchengco, Jr. – must had …

Bing! A Brave New World of Search 2014. Google & My World Wide Wave

MANILA: Will Google give Search a break this New Year? Or will Bing? Or Yahoo!? Search me! What's Search? The endlessly searching National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) of the US may have a clue. "A search is the organized pursuit of information" ( That's probably how Google looks at Search. But it's not quite that. In fact, NASA also pursues empty ideas and empty spaces; you don't know until you get there. Based on my pursuit of creative writing of almost 40 years, while it must be pursued, unlike the American pursuit of happiness. a Creative Search must be unorganized, and it must be in the pursuit of anything, including stray thoughts. That's how Google does not look at Search. Let's see. I uploaded my first 2014 essay on the very first minute of this New Year ("Advertisements for a DG. ICRISAT 41, William Dar 14," iCRiSAT Watch,; it's 0900 hours still New Year's Day as I do a Search for the ver…