24 Years of BLD ME 4 Los Baños

05 January 2014 was the 24th Anniversary of ME 4, Bukás Loób sa Díyos Los Baños Chapter.

We had the Marriage Encounter at the SVD Retreat House in Tagaytay City 4-6 January 1991, with Fr Larry Tan as our Spiritual Director. Our Presentors were Chito & Eva de los Reyes of Santa Cruz, Manila, and Frankie & Jing-jing Ramos of United Parañaque. Our BLD Los Baños Tri-Cord were Doming & Charito Santos, Jack & Mely Siopongco, and Armand & Belle Villaflor. Our Community Shepherds were Boy & Nena Salud of BF Homes, Parañaque. Class Shepherds of ME 4 were Doming & Charito Santos; Class Shepherds of ME 3, who were our sponsoring class, were Romy & Luming del Castillo.

As ME 4 couples, we were 32 in all: Angeles, Doming & Lorna. Balinos, Philip & Fe. Bautista, Robert & Ofie. Burce, Oscar & Estrella. Capiral, Ben & Alice. Capuno, Romy & Marie. Exconde, Ofel & Susan. Francisco, Sergs & Hermie. Garcia, Manny & Marie. Guerrero, Dino & Merle. Herrera, Teddy & Weng. Hilario, Frank & Ampy. Labadan, Danny & Bing. Lambio, Angie & Annie. Layug, Ben & Yette. Lazaro, Abet & Cecille. Lazaro, Louie & Gabby. Llaguna, Wilson & Bel. Llamoso, Lito & Josie. Luis, Ed & Nel. Magallanes, Ric & Ida. Merilo, Joe & Gigi. Moneda, Ferdie & Ana. Oñate, Robbie & Emma. Pantastico, Ed & Myra. Panting, Ver & Wena. Pineda, Jing & Tess. Ramos, Roland & Ned. Raymundo, Jhune & She. Relova, Niting & Cita. Resurreccion, Archie & Dory. Reyes, Kiko & Jeng.

I got that list from Doming & Charito's copy of the "Class Record," and in the printout I recognized the layout and remembered I was the one who typed all those names and addresses, 18 half-pages in all, all in 3 columns; the printout was by a dot matrix printer, probably an Epson. At that time, I already knew Microsoft Word's Autocorrect to type Baños automatically instead of Banos.

The ME reunion started at 4 PM at the house of Ben & Alice. Food was more than enough. I didn't bring anything except a hungry stomach.

Those present were Robert & Ofie Bautista, Ben & Alice Capiral, Susan Exconde, Manny Garcia, Frank & Ampy Hilario, Bing Labadan, Angie Lambio, and Ben & Yette Layug. Also very much present was our Class Shepherd Doming Santos.

The sharing was unplanned, but after countless BLD meetings, you more or less expected it. When was the last time ME 4 had a class reunion? So many years ago, I don't remember. We should always have class reunions.

This evening, in this reunion, the past came back to life, as it were, and all were willing to expose their inner selves, and all were willing to listen, mostly listen. We all need sympathetic ears to listen.

After 24 years, there was much heartache still, even broken hearts, but no expressions of regrets, only hopes. We all need to hope.

Doming Santos shared his struggles and said it was he who encouraged Charito to become more involved with the BLD, to become the mother of us all. She is gone, but she is remembered dearly. Doming said he was happy that we all became parts of their lives as a couple.

I could almost feel the bond of fellowship, of oneness in the Spirit; it was very strong. I said as we parted, "That was a very good evening." I never said that before.

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