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Daphne's Wedding. I father reinvent singing for love

SAN PABLO CITY, 01 February 2014, Valentine's Month, and we are all in love. We are at the altar of the San Roque Parish Church located at the Buncayo Park Subdivision in San Roque, San Pablo City, towards Alaminos, Laguna. This is after the church rites, time for a great many pictures to be taken. I don't like firing-squad shots; I like flash drives but not flash bulbs, but I'm not the photographer here. Daphne (dark) & Mark Gonzales (darker) are in the middle, all the fair bridesmaids in the row, best friend Roanna next to Daphne. Skin color is skin deep.All's right with the world.

At my daughter Daphne's wedding, the parents of the bride are late by more than 1 hour; we have been holding up the wedding ceremonies, and this is the 7th Hilario wedding. It's good I didn't invite any friends – the arrangements, the cake, food and everything have all been Daphne's, with help from bridegroom Mark of San Pablo City. 9 of my 12 children are here: Jomar w…