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Brain Grain

MANILA: Rice is a grain not linked to the brain, but it should be, and I'm going to prove it now. The College of Agriculture of UP Los Baños didn't teach me that, but professors can always learn from their students. I shot the original of this photograph in Bangar, La Union 09 August 2013, but rice is a continuing story that needs to be on the head, so there!On the 10th of May 2014, The Economist came out with 2 articles: "The new green revolution: A bigger rice bowl" and "How better rice could save lives: A second green revolution" – I'm always interested in grain revolutions, but this one I didn't know. What I didn't know didn't help me until someone emailed me the pdfs. Thank you, kind Sir!There are 2 main assertions in the stories by ANS[1] of The Economist, and these are: (1) More funds for rice research will cost less per head and will return more for the money. Come on, people: Invest. (2) The world needs to breed faster better rice v…