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Jose Rizal Bashers Lack The K

MANILA: The poem in question is "Sa Aking Mga Kabata" written in 1869 when Jose Rizal was 8 years old. Some people say, "Jose Rizal did not write that genius of a poem!" (Image is my shot from the Calamba shrine.) In response, I give you at once the original and my translation of it; if you are a genius yourself, you will find out that the Rizal bashers are no geniuses – they are all wrong!
Sa Aking Mga Kabata
Original by Jose P Rizal

To Kids Of My Own Time
Translation by Frank A Hilario Kapagka ang baya’y sadyang umiibig
sa kanyang salitang kaloob ng langit,
sanlang kalayaan nasa ring masapit
katulad ng ibong nasa himpapawid.
1 If the people naturally love
its tongue that is a gift from Heaven,
pawned freedom too it will seek to gain
as the bird that flies the sky above. Pagka’t ang salita’y isang kahatulan
sa bayan, sa nayo’t mga kaharian,
at ang isang tao’y katulad, kabagay
ng alin mang likha noong kalayaan.
2 Since language is an estim…

Merry Christmas, Yes?

MANILA: Behold your life in this Christmas tree! As in the last few days, everyone will be wishing everybody else "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" especially tomorrow, 25 December 2015, Christmas Day. (If you don't believe in God or Christmas? "Happy Holiday!" is empty. You're missing on Christianity spread out wide splendidly.) You don't find gifts under this tree. No. I have never been into exchanging Christmas gifts, except in grade school and high school. I have never been showy of my love and at 76, I'm not going to start now. The image above, borrowed from Naldz Graphics (, is here for a reason, and Christ is the lesson for the season. Look at the zigzag route and you find your life described; it's not one zoom to the top but zigs and zags to the left and right. Life is what you make it, and you learn along the way if you're paying attention. Look at the zenith of that Christmas tree and you find a st…


Original titled "My Daily Regimen" from the Reader's Digest online (and which I had already uploaded to Facebook):

My doctor took one look at my (bulging tummy) and refused to believe that I work out. So I listed the exercises I do every day: 1.jump to conclusions 2.climb the walls 3.drag my heels 4.push my luck 5.make mountains out of molehills 6.bend over backward around in circles 8.put my foot in my mouth 9.go over the edge, and 10.beat around the bush. (Source:
Actually, those are metaphors and if you are a writer or a communicator, you could pick up more than one of them and use to impress others. You have to study them – I learned most of them in high school yet, more than 50 years ago, reading the Reader's Digest. Now I would like to add my own daily exercises, 57 of them (a favorite number, from my first and last name): (1)kill time (2)alter ego (3)backtrack on what I said (4)reach for the moon (5)bark at the wrong tree (6)leak a secret (7)break a leg (8)bre…

TALKBACK: Children To Parents / Parents To Children

"My heroes are and were my parents. I can't see having anyone else as my heroes" – Michael Jordan. (wallpaper image from

"I thank God that I'm a product of my parents. That they infected me with their intelligence and energy for life, with their thirst for knowledge and their love. I'm grateful that I know where I come from" – Shakira.

"How true Daddy's words were when he said: All children must look after their own upbringing. Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands" – Anne Frank.

"I try to be a good daughter, as I believe in karma and feel that how you are with your parents is directly proportionate to what you receive in your life. I am a big oneness follower, and our gurus have told us that if you want to achieve external happiness, you need to be happy internally. And your inner circle is your family" – Shil…

Philippines, We Need A New Secretary For Climate Change Agriculture

MANILA: So we have The Paris Agreement on climate change that 195 countries signed Saturday, 12 December 2015. I have written about it; see my "The Key To The Paris Agreement" (14 December 2015, The iSupercoop, I said there, in so many words, that Climate Change should be made Big Business by the world. By all countries. I also mean it literally.

We have the InternationalAgreement; what about the NationalAction? What should the Philippines be doing?

Wake up, agriculture world! I will confine myself to agriculture here, since I'm not familiar with other sources of greenhouse gases. There are at least 3 gases that agriculture contributes to global warming: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. The Paris Agreement covered only carbon dioxide, so that, rightfully, the whole world is worried about carbon dioxide. Yet it is not worried about methane, whose global warming potential is 20 times more than carbon dioxide (data from Adrian Leip & Stefano B…

Why Christmas Is Christmas

MANILA: "Christmas is a lie. There is no Christian church with a tradition that Jesus was really born on December 25th" – Judaism Online ( No, Christmas is true; the word means Christ's festival (American Heritage Dictionary). No, the Roman Catholic Church does not say Jesus was born on the 25th of December; it just says the date was given "to provide an alternative to pagan celebrations" on that date (Jon Sorensen, 16 December 2013, Catholic Answers, To bring the pagans to a world they did not belong to, a kinder world, in fact a world of love, Christian in origin.Missing the point, "Is Christmas a pagan holiday?" RC Sproul asks (19 December 2014, That author says:There’s nothing in the Bible that would even indicate that Jesus was born on December 25. In fact, there’s much in the New Testament narratives that would indicate that it didn’t occur during that time of year. It just so happens that on t…