The Motivation Manifesto: How We Shall Overcome

MANILA: Brendon Burchard, one of the most prolific and most encouraging personal-power gurus on the planet, one of the #1 New York Times bestselling authors with his earlier books The Charge, The Millionaire Manager and Life’s Golden Ticket, has written another would-be blockbuster brainteaser he calls The Motivation Manifesto with the subtitle 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power, published by Hay House Inc (Carlsbad, California, 2014, 234 pages).

The Motivation Manifesto is meant to be read – also literally, in front of a mirror. Try and read it to yourself.

Reading silently alone, you will find it poetic and powerful; while it’s self-conscious when it copies from the US Declaration of Independence, it works even with me, and I have very high standards for writing. (By the way, I must thank Ela Carrillo for lending her copy.)

The Motivation Manifesto is all about personal freedom. The first part is powerful enough for me, “The Declaration Of Personal Power” (ix-xix). I love how it begins:

“There comes a time in the lives of those destined for greatness when we must stand before the mirror of meaning and ask: Why, having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live as mice?”

We must read before The Mirror of Meaning. “We must declare our personal power and freedom,” Burchard says. To claim personal power, we must first feel free to build it:

We must choose to feel again. We must set intentions for who we are, for what roles we wish to serve, for how we’ll relate with the world. Without a vibrant awareness, we cannot connect with others or ourselves, nor can we meet the demands of the hour with grace. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL MEET LIFE WITH FULL PRESENCE AND POWER.

We must engage life; we have to fight for joy, power, satisfaction, even if we have to take the bull by the horn:

We are often detached from what is most worth fighting for; our busywork consumes our day but it is not our life’s work. Most do not feel a stark, stirring life purpose – they don’t hunger for it in the morning or orient their day to its pursuit. A life of greater joy, power, and satisfaction awaits those who consciously design their life. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL RECLAIM OUR AGENDA.

We must step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves with discomfort; we must master ourselves:

Our internal demons poison us with worry and fear whenever we might be vulnerable, stunting our growth and vitality. Our destiny is decided by how well we know our demons of Doubt and Delay, how well we defend against them, and how many battles we win against them each day of our lives. Without self-mastery, we are slaves to fear. With it, greatness and transcendence are ours. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL DEFEAT OUR DEMONS.

We must act, not simply intend to act; we must be proactive, not simply reactive:

We must remember we are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions. Bold and disciplined initiative is our savior; it allows us to rise, to leap, to soar to the heights of true greatness. We must not lose the urgency of this moment as it begs for us to begin something grand and important. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL ADVANCE WITH ABANDON.

So what if we are drained and exhausted? We must get up and be glad; we must laugh and live and give thanks:

Why do we not hear more laughter and life? Where is the vibrant, mad fury and passion of the fully engaged human? Where are the people burning with charisma and joy and imagination? Where is the appreciation for life’s spark? We must reexamine our attitude toward life. Our supreme duty must be to rekindle the magic of life. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL PRACTICE JOY AND GRATITUDE.

We must not give up on what we believe in; we must be brave:

We must not follow any impulse to be weak or heartless. Instead we must have a strong refusal to break, choosing that mighty lift of courage, that soaring commitment to love, that proud ascent to the realm of character that is congruent with out highest values. Freedom and victory belong to those who remain true and strong despite temptation. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL NOT BREAK OUR INTEGRITY.

We must learn to love to the fullest so that there is no room for hurts:

We have allowed our awareness of love to diminish, that is all. In doing so, we have caused our own suffering. We must mature and realize that freeing our mind of ancient hurts and opening once more to love shall give us access to divine strength. To stand emotionally open before the world and give of our hearts without fear of hurt or demand of reciprocity – this is the ultimate act of human courage. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL AMPLIFY LOVE.

Let us be leaders to emulate and challenge the world:

We must do better. From the squalor of a contaminated moral environment must surface an honorable few, unafraid to challenge the direction of the world. History shall fill in the wake of our actions, so let us be purposeful and let us be great. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL INSPIRE GREATNESS.

We must enjoy life to the fullest and let time worry about us:

We must s-l-o-w it all down, not just to become more present in the singular moment, but also to elongate that moment so that we truly sense it. Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of long, meaningful moments. This day is to be enjoyed like a pause at a cool stream during summer’s heat. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL SLOW TIME.

Burchard warns us:

Some will stand in our way, but we mustn’t hide or minimize ourselves any longer. Let us believe faithfully that our dreams are worth any struggle and that it is our time to free ourselves and rise to glory.

Good Friday reminds us we must die to ourselves. Yes, The Motivation Manifesto is enough for us to change ourselves inside out. But then we would still be incomplete. What we would have is only personal power. What then?

I say with The Motivation Manifesto, you will reach only half the promise of greatness. To complete the journey of transformation, the book calls for a sequel, still along the thoughts of Brendon Burchard:

9 Preparations To Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires:
To Live, To Love, To Matter.

My personal activation manifesto states that I must rise to greatness in the name of a private gain always within a public good.

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