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Darth Evader

MANILA: I feel frustrated. Very frustrated. Our fighter Manny Pacquiao lost by a unanimous decision to flamboyant Floyd Mayweather in their so-called Fight of the Century at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Losing is a sinking feeling; losing big is a capsizing feeling.I protest: That was not a fight! Manny was invading all the while Floyd was evading. There was no clash of titans, only a clash of styles. One was to dance, the other was to pounce. He won by disengaging, not engaging.It was a clash of wills. One willed to fight, the other willed to flee. It "was anything but a thriller," Robert Morales said (03 May 2015, I say it was a chiller. "The only thrilling thing about this fight was the noise Pacquiao's fans made when they thought he was landing punches." They were landing on air."I outboxed him," Floyd said. No, Floyd, you outfoxed him. Pacquiao said:It (was) a good fight. I thought I won the fight. He didn'…

Ben Capiral, The One Who Ran Out Of Miracles

LOS BAÑOS, LAGUNA: Miracles happen, but sometimes they don't. Life can kill you if you’re not careful.I volunteered and what you find below (dated 12 April 2015, with a little editing, all italicized), was to be my sharing during the last rites over his body, but I wasn't able to catch up from Pangasinan to deliver it. It's not your usual eulogy. I had asked Manny Garcia to deliver it for me and he said yes, but at the last minute, he realized it can only be delivered by me, and he was right. Manny and his wife Marie, Ben and his wife Alice, Danny & Bing Labadan, Archie & Dory Resurreccion, Kiko & Jing Reyes, Ruben & Yett Layug and many others were classmates of mine and my wife Ampy in Marriage Encounter #4 sponsored by the Bukás Lóob sa Díyos in Los Baños held in Tagaytay City in January 1991 (Doming & Charito Santos were our Class Shepherds; Charito is now also gone). I have always admitted that ME4 saved our marriage. It's been 24 years since ou…