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Rizal Monument? Of course it's moveable!

MANILA: Yes, I said it's movable. And I’ll show you. But it's not like Manila 5th District Representative Amado Bagatsing's moving proposal.The National Commission for Culture & the Arts (NCCA) says about the proposal of Bagatsing "to turn the Rizal statue 180 degrees to resolve the Torre de Manila controversy" that it is not moveable. Evelyn Macairan quotes NCCA Legal Counsel Trixie Cruz-Angeles as saying (03 July 2015, are not movable. The purpose why they were put there, their location and their structure are not accidents. They are put there for their specific purpose and they have their own symbolism. The (Rizal) monument was not intended to recreate where he was facing when he was shot… the symbolism why he is turned away from the people… is a position of leadership. He is in front; he is not facing his people; he is leading them. You have to give this site the respect it is due because Rizal is buried there.I said the Rizal stat…

Shakespeare In Love, US Supreme Court In Orgasm?

MANILA: They see marriage as parts of one assembled egg, not a whole wholesome one (image from Broken eggs are definitely not the result of orgasm. Rather, the 5-4 majority of the US Supreme Court justices have broken eggs splashed on their faces! The US Supreme Court declared on Friday, 26 June 2015, that same-sex "marriage" is legal in all 50 states of the United States. Writing the narrow majority 5-4 opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy said, referring to homosexual pairs, "They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right" (Bill Chappell, 26 June 2015, That's a prevarication. Dissenting, Chief Justice John Roberts said (26 June 2015, you are among the many Americans  – of whatever sexual orientation  – who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of…