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Mother Mary Comes To Me

MANILA, 17 AUGUST: Now I will tell you exactly why I wrote "Let It Be – The Beatles" with the innocent title, and which I uploaded 17 August 2015 at 10 AM (see my essay, A Magazine Called Love, It is dedicated to my favorite nephew Dr Fructuoso "Santi" Llamas, EENT, of Asingan, Pangasinan. He is the only son of my dear departed cousin Luciana Ganio-Llamas and her husband, also deceased, Romulo. He is right now in an ICU of Nazareth Hospital in Dagupan City along Perez Blvd, and I visited him yesterday and today. If you are a doctor, you may be able to understand those graphs and numbers (I took the photograph 16 August 2015 at 0807 hours).I held his right arm and pressed many times and said, "Santi, this is Uncle Frank." And his immediate answer was, "How did you know?" And I immediately thought he must be all right because his mind is lucid and he speaks as if this is not a medical emergency!How did I know about his medical condi…

Let It Be – The Beatles

MANILA: Packed with 40 plus songs, the touring show LET IT BE: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles was presented 08 February 2015 at the Centrepointe Theatre in Ottawa in Canada. The international show, starting in September 2012, musically charts the band's meteoric rise through the heart of Beatlemania and on to their studio compositions ( The show has played in London for 2 1/2 years and toured all across the United Kingdom (Chris Jones, 19 February 2015, years ago: After the often fractious sessions for the White Album in 1968, Paul McCartney realized The Beatles were in danger of disintegrating if they continued to work independently of each other. He hit upon the idea of filming a television special in front of an audience; Paul is quoted as saying ( started Let It Be in January 1969 at Twickenham Studios, under the working title Get Back. Michael Lindsay Hogg was the Director. The idea was that you…