Original titled "My Daily Regimen" from the Reader's Digest online (and which I had already uploaded to Facebook):

My doctor took one look at my (bulging tummy) and refused to believe that I work out. So I listed the exercises I do every day:
       1.            jump to conclusions
       2.            climb the walls
       3.            drag my heels
       4.            push my luck
       5.            make mountains out of molehills
       6.            bend over backward
       7.            run around in circles
       8.            put my foot in my mouth
       9.            go over the edge, and
   10.            beat around the bush.

Actually, those are metaphors and if you are a writer or a communicator, you could pick up more than one of them and use to impress others. You have to study them – I learned most of them in high school yet, more than 50 years ago, reading the Reader's Digest. Now I would like to add my own daily exercises, 57 of them (a favorite number, from my first and last name):
     (1)            kill time
     (2)            alter ego
     (3)            backtrack on what I said
     (4)            reach for the moon
     (5)            bark at the wrong tree
     (6)            leak a secret
     (7)            break a leg
     (8)            break a promise
     (9)            brush aside all suggestions
 (10)            calibrate responses
 (11)            swing a vote
 (12)            carry a grudge
 (13)            connect the dots
 (14)            pick a fight
 (15)            cook the book
 (16)            cultivate a relationship
 (17)            cut the slack
 (18)            dig my own grave
 (19)            hang on every word she says
 (20)            blaze a trail
 (21)            drag one into the mess
 (22)            draw the line somewhere
 (23)            drum up support
 (24)            elevate a case
 (25)            crash course
 (26)            gild a lily
 (27)            bridge the GAP
 (28)            harrow experience
 (29)            jack up my expenses
 (30)            plow the depth of philosophy
 (31)            jump the gun
 (32)            kick the bucket
 (33)            walk the tight rope
 (34)            stir a hornet's nest
 (35)            lift someone's ego
 (36)            measure my response
 (37)            mix metaphor
 (38)            navigate a set of instructions
 (39)            divide and conquer
 (40)            nip the rumor in the bud
 (41)            cross bridge when I come to it
 (42)            pry into affairs of others
 (43)            resist temptation
 (44)            seize the day
 (45)            spin a story
 (46)            jog my memory
 (47)            steal someone's thunder
 (48)            fan the flame
 (49)            struggle for dominance
 (50)            cover my tracks
 (51)            swim in shark-infested waters
 (52)            track mud
 (53)            drag the scene
 (54)            wiggle out of a tight situation
 (55)            wrap up a business deal
 (56)            split hair, and
 (57)            crack a joke.

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