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Rene Saguisag: How do you grow up when you're growing old?

MANILA: Beloved former Senator Rene Saguisag has one fear now that he's old: "a long, lingering, hopeless illness" towards the end of his life, as quoted by ANN (author not named, no date, My fear for him is "a continuing limited, lingering, looking-forward lawyering" – time, talent and treasure spent on lesser causes. 

At 76, Rene Saguisag should be tilting on windmills! Wikipedia says tilting at windmills means attacking imaginary enemies, as did Don Quixote de la Mancha in Miguel de Cervantes' beloved tale The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. Don Quixote was impossible and lovable. I'm redefining windmills here from imaginary enemies to impossible enemies. "While the difficult takes time," motivational speaker and wheelchair athlete Art E Berg said, "the impossible just takes a little longer."

And oh yes, I practice what I preach. At 76, I'm tilting on windmills such as those who are thinking o…

Erik Matti, Your Wish Is My Comment

MANILA: I seldom buy a newspaper, but today I did and then I saw the stark full-page layout of Erik Matti's 8 wishes for Filipino cinema to resurrect itself, with the title "The future of Philippine cinema is not bright" (The Philippine Star, 09 January 2015, F-2), and I was moved to write this. Erik Matti is the director of Honor Thy Father, On the Job, and The Aswang Chronicles, among other films.

All the more reason because I also read, this time online, the full text of Matti's acceptance speech as Best Director in the 2015 MMFF that was read for him by Shiel Calde of Reality Entertainment, which film company Matti co-owns with Dondon Monteverde, and which produced the movie Honor Thy Father that was disqualified at the last minute for the award of Best Picture. Here it is from the Inquirer (28 December 2015,, with my English translation (in italics):

Sa kabila ng lahat, magandang gabi pa rin sa inyo.

Despite everything, good evening …