"Happy Valentine's Day" to the ones I hate!

MANILA: Following my own advice this morning (see "Anyway Love," 14 February 2016, A Magazine Called Love, blogspot.com), I say "Happy Valentine's Day!" to the ones I hate:

MAYOR RODRIGO DUTERTE and all those who believe in him.

Mayor Duterte makes outrageous remarks and preposterous claims so that he keeps being the talk of the town. I hate it that he loves it. I hate it that he relishes it. I hate it that he thrives on it. He says he is going to wipe the slate clean, I mean the State clean, of criminals. I know. He is the Avenger. He is Superman. He is the Terminator. He is the One-Man Justice League. Else, he is the Joker. Without Reader's Digest jokes when I was in high school, my intellectual life would have been empty. Without jokers, this life is empty.

Another way of looking at it is this: Mayor Duterte looks at himself as the Messiah, even if he doesn't know a Messiah when he meets one. All those who believe in him look at him as the Messiah. Ha. They don't know what makes a Messiah either. In the time of Jesus, the Jews were waiting for a Messiah, and whom did they get? Jesus the Christ. Did they deserve him? Yes. A non-political Messiah. But the Jews did not think they deserved Jesus, so they crucified him. How could they do that? It was easy – they just nailed him on a cross and watched him die. There was nothing to it, was there? So, will we crucify Mayor Rodrigo Duterte the Messiah this coming May elections? There would be nothing to it – we just vote for somebody else except Mayor Duterte!

SENATOR GRACE POE, who is an alien in her own country.

Grace Poe keeps claiming that she is a foundling. Is that a fact? But I just read on Facebook (in Rizalito David's sharing) that Susan Roces filed a birth certificate claiming this girl was her own child from her own body. So we have two liars, a mother and a mother? So we have two Grace Poes – a foundling and a natural born. Which one is she? Where did she come from really? I hate it when I can't tell reality from reality.

Somebody must know but isn't talking. On Facebook, among other faces, I saw the beautiful face of Rosemarie Sonora, the sister of Susan Roces, and you know what? Grace Poe looks exactly like Rosemarie so, since like begets like, it must be true that Grace Poe comes from the (larger) family of Susan Roces? I think I know but I'm not talking.

It is on record that Grace Poe renounced her Filipino citizenship and stayed in the United States for some time. Years. For what reason, we don't know. Why do you renounce your own country? Oh, she must have been thinking that America was Paradise, and so why not be a citizen there? Anyone can love America, the Beautiful. No corruption. No political dynasties. No traffic. No slums. Everything in shining green dollars in the bank. Heaven is in your eyes.

And then she came back to the Philippines and what did we get? A Senator with a family where the husband is an American citizen, and the two children are American citizens as well, and the mother claiming that she is a Filipino citizen. How bizarre is that? Grace Poe is not the least bothered that her own family does not believe in her own country? Anyone can hate the Philippines, the Ugly. Corruption. Political dynasties. Traffic. Slums. And no dollars and no bank account.

Oh, Grace Poe keeps claiming she is a foundling. There is something she has not found yet – she has not found her reason for being; worse, she has not found herself.

SENATOR MIRIAM DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO, who can speak for herself.

The other day, I took a jeepney and across from me at the rear was a lady, occupying seats reserved for senior citizens, as old as I am I thought, a clean-looking, good-looking one and she saw the copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer I was holding, with the headline "They're up and running!" – I don't read newspapers but that day I saw the Inquirer headline and bought a print copy because I saw I could write about it; see my essay, "'They're up and running!'," 09 February 2016, A Magazine Called Love, blogspot.com – and she said, "Miriam is brilliant. But her body can't take it anymore." Hindi na kaya ng katawan. In fact she repeated saying that – I didn't ask for her name, because that would destroy the moment. I agreed with her, and I told her that as far as I was concerned, Miriam would be too brilliant for her own good if she were President. She makes an excellent citizen outside the presidency of her country. Like me, Miriam is her own man. She is independent, and I love her for that. Sometimes she talks too much and I hate her for that.

VICE PRESIDENT JEJOMAR BINAY, who embarrasses everyone except himself.

VP Binay has made the audacious claim that if it weren't for him, Makati would not be that wealthy. Ha. Binay teaching the rich how to become wealthy? He doesn't even know what to do with all his money – does he keep those oodles of money behind the walls of his office, where nobody can see them? Why not instead contribute to the capital of 1 million cooperatives so that he can help 20 million people all at once? I love cooperatives because, if properly run, they help the small man (embracing woman) get on with life and even rise above poverty on his own wit. Jejomar Binay has been poor; he has risen above poverty on his own wit – can he share his secret with everyone, embracing the poor? Na. Maybe VP Binay should learn to share kisses like Mayor Duterte does every time. It's easy. You just pucker your lips and imagine you are kissing Filipinas. Ah, but VP Binay won't copy Mayor Duterte because he is an original. In fact, they are both originals. I hate originals like them!

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