The Incredible Manny Pacquiao

MANILA: I can see that is overly delighted in bringing out the news about Manny Pacquiao saying that those in same-sex unions are "worse than animals" – Rappler used the pronoun for a male when referring to a female LGBT: "Aiza Seguerra did not hide his dismay." When did a female deserve a male as reference? No newspaper has the right to change the sex of anyone.

Rappler has 2 reports on the same topic on the same date, 16 February 2016, both without a byline:

Pacquiao: Couples in same-sex unions "worse than animals" (
Stars react to Manny Pacquiao's comments on same-sex unions (

Above, look at Manny Pacquiao smile, and look at them touting their same-sex union: Do I see animal glee? (The image is by Andrew Gombert of EPA, shown in the Rappler report I cited first.)

Rappler says, "Several senatorial bets of the Poe-Escudero slate took a swipe at Pacquiao for his negative comments." Now then, I Frank A Hilario know whom not to vote for as President and Vice President!

In an interview, Pacquiao was quoted as saying that the couples in same-sex marriages are "mas masahol pa sa hayop" – beastier than a beast (my translation).

Aiza Seguerra said of Manny Pacquiao for saying that, "And yes, I think you are an ignorant, bigoted hypocrite." When someone does not agree with you about the LGBT, you call him ignorant and bigoted? Does Aiza know the meaning of the word hypocrite? A hypocrite is one who pretends to be what he is not; since Pacquiao said what he said, he is the exact opposite of a hypocrite – he is sincere. And I happen to agree with him. Now I know whom not to listen to for a song of inspiration.

Myke Sotero, a pastor, commented on Facebook: "Why LGBTs and progressives should not vote for this animal." LGBT Myke, you are entitled to your vote, but look who's talking: You too animal!

From the land of the free and the home of the braves, blogger Perez Hilton called what Pacquiao said a "barbaric" view, and said:

Look, if your religious beliefs prevent you from accepting same-sex marriage, that's on you. That's your idea of propriety. But there's absolutely no call to demonize and denigrate gay people by comparing them to animals just because their love is something you're unable to accept.

LGBT Perez, there is no such thing as same-sex marriage, because that is against the law of God; if you don't believe in God, it's against the law of nature. The animals behave better than the LGBTs; they are more intelligent; they know what they can do and cannot do, and they do not insist that it is a union – how can there be a union between two cymbals or between two swords?! There can only be a marriage of true mines – "mine" says one, "mine" says the other, and the twains shall never meet, a consummation devoutly to be wished, never to be fulfilled! And no, it's not love – if ever, it's lust.

Pacquiao had said it was "common sense" for animals to mate with the opposite sex. I agree. To mate is to have sexual intercourse. It is common sense that mating is between a male and a female. Of course, to mate also means to checkmate – in any same-sex encounter, it is always a checkmate. To checkmate, says the dictionary, is to defeat completely (American Heritage Dictionary). A perfect description of same-sex whatever.

Several senatorial candidates of the Partido Galing at Puso (GAP) "took a swipe at Pacquiao for his negative comments against the LGBT community." Lawyer Lorna Kapunan said it was "important to discuss the beneficial legal consequences of same sex living together." That is a logical fallacy, Lawyer Miss, and you know it: Same-sex living together is not the same as same-sex claiming to be married. Now I know whom not to vote for as Senator.

Senator Tito Sotto said of Manny Pacquiao, "I think he is misguided. I cannot agree at all. Completely disagree." Now I know whom not to vote for as Senator. I blogger supported Tito Sotto when he was being attacked during his presentations against the passage of the Reproductive Health bill. They were shooting the messenger. The friends of RH were flaunting their logical fallacies left and right, and I was the only boy who shouted, "But the Emperors have no clothes!" I turned the metaphor upside down and called the enemies the Emperors because they insisted that they were right by committing one fallacy after another. In my many articles, I produced a book I called The Emperors' New Clothes; I have since revised it to Version 8 dated January 2016 – you can email for a free soft copy, all of 214 pages, Now Tito Sotto the Emperor has no clothes.

Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares said that what Pacquiao said, "Dapat di na dagdagan discrimination sa LGBT sector by comparing them to animals. The perfect quote is it's below the belt." (Let's not add to the discrimination against the LGBT sector...) If it is discrimination, so be it; but it is in fact hating (hitting) the sin, not the sinner. If the sinners will not admit of their sin, you have to hit them with it. Is Colmenares saying the LGBT people cannot accept the truth? Susan Ople said. "We should afford dignity for all and I feel (maybe) he needs more enlightenment and more reflection. I'm sure with the guidance of the LGBT community, that can take place." My God, what a logical fallacy! You are going to ask the sinners what they think of their sin and then allow them to convince you that they are not sinners! Now I know whom not to vote for as Senator.

Really, those senatoriables show a wide GAP between the reality of same-sex marriage and true marriage – same-sex it's not marriage and no, there is no union. And the beast-ness of it all – two beasts acting as one? No, two beasts acting as two beasts. Sodom and Gomorrah.

Manny Pacquiao is no longer a Roman Catholic. Well, I a Roman Catholic happen to agree with what this non-Roman Catholic is saying. Now I know whom to vote for as Senator!

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