The Invincible Manny Pacquiao

MANILA: The image above is from The Guardian (online) of 18 February 2016 and has this caption: "Manny Pacquiao attacked gay marriage earlier this week" (Bryan Armen Graham, And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only sensible statement I have read so far in online media this week. Nota Bene: Pacman attacked gay marriage – not Pacman attacked the gays. Why can't people, including long-time journalist Ellen Tordesillas, differentiate? I salute the caption-maker of The Guardian!

Only the caption-maker. Because the rest of the opinion piece by Graham is just like that of the rest of you, this one saying underneath the title of his piece, "The Filipino champion's remarks show he is a man so ignorant he doesn't understand the impact of his own words." And I posted as comment on the Guardian's page: "You are the ignorant one, Bryan Armen Graham. I am writing a long piece on this one." And here it is.

First of all, Bryan Armen Graham (BAG), you are shooting the messenger. You are engaged in name-calling, insulting. You have run out of better things to say. So why should I read you further? (I did not.)

Today, I was at Facebook early, and that's how I came to learn of Bad BAG. Now, here is my collection of posts and comments, and my own comments on the comments, on the non-issue issue:

Tio Pando Omer wrote: Sir Frank, tama ba na sabihin na ang gay ay mas masahol pa sa hayop? For collecting taxpayers money without working for it?

I wrote back: "Tio Pando Omer, you are not paying attention, all of you. Manny did not condemn the sinner, only the sin. Can you not distinguish fact from fiction?"

TPO, that's a left and right punch, and it misses Manny Pacquiao by a mile. The sinners are the LGBTs, but Pacman condemned only their homosexual acts, "masahol pa sa hayop." Beastier than beast, with what they are doing.

Ellen Tordesillas wrote: So, I should applaud him for being an absentee congressman? For collecting taxpayers money without working for it?

I wrote back: "The absences are made up by the honor he brought to this country. What honor have you brought to this country? What have you contributed to the good of these islands?"

(If you ask me what have I contributed to the good of these islands, just wait; I am writing another long one. But let ET and the likes of her answer my question first.)

ABS-CBN News came up with: "Nora Aunor, may bwelta kay Manny Pacquiao."

I wrote back: ""Manny Pacquiao condemned the sin, not the sinner. Nora Aunor, if you cannot tell the difference, shut up!"

I was a Nora Aunor fan.

ABS-CBN came up with: "NoFilter: Should Duterte, Binay drop Pacquiao?" Senatorial aspirant congressman Manny Pacquiao should be dropped from the senatorial slates of the two presidential candidates who have adopted him, before the controversy he is currently in gets bigger, two political analysts said.

I wrote back: "If those presidential candidates drop Manny Pacquiao from their senatorial lineup(s), that means they too are narrow-minded and cannot handle someone who has a different view from theirs. Don't vote for them!"

Doing that, those presidential candidates would prove that they want Yes Men only. What kind of leaders would they make?

Joseph Arquiza Pagtahanan wrote: Kasalanan ba ang maging bakla o tomboy? Sobrang dami kong nakikitang posts at mga status sa Facebook patungkol sa LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender) at same-sex marriage. Kanya-kanyang palitan na din ng kanilang profile pictures.

I wrote back: "Being a homo is not a sin; doing the homo act is. That was all that Manny Pacquiao was saying. If you don't accept that, you simply hate Manny Pacquiao! I love him for this; here are my thoughts: click bloglink" (The link to my blog, A Magazine Called Love,

ABS-CBN came up with this: LOOK: Companies that support LGBT rights. This sportswear brand on Valentine's Day posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram that features two women with the caption "The love you take is equal to the love you make."

I wrote back: "Companies that support LGBT rights": they support an abomination. LGBTs are humans so they already have rights, why give them special rights? The Bible says their sexual relationships are an abomination. I support Manny Pacquiao; here's what I have to say: click bloglink"

GQ wrote: Come on, Manny. Goddammit, Manny. Manny's Pacquiao's dumb comments about gay relationships ignited international backlash. But they are beliefs rooted in the cultural history of the Philippines.

I wrote back: ""Manny Pacquiao's dumb comments about gay relationships" is a dumb comment. That is saying that the Bible is dumb! Here's my take on the matter: click bloglink"

Zeibiz wrote: Vice Ganda defends self from criticisms over Pacquiao family insult.

I wrote back: "Insults are indefensible. I forgive the insulter, but not the insult."

ABS-CBN News came up with: "Masama na nga kung sugarol ka, babaero ka – mas masama iyon." I did not read further; that must have come from Nora Aunor.

I wrote back: "Nora Aunor, that is below the belt! Do you really know what Manny Pacquiao said? Here it is: click bloglink"

ABS-CBN News came up with: Another brand distances (itself) from Pacquiao. "Wonderful Pistachios is not currently affiliated with Manny Pacquiao nor do his views align with ours."

I wrote back: "Wonderful Pistachios, I am not affiliated with Manny Pacquiao, but my views align with his. Here he is: The Incredible Manny Pacquiao: click bloglink"

ABS-CBN News came up with: NBA legend Magic Johnson also declared that he will not be watching another one of Manny Pacquiao's fights. "Magic Johnson applauds Nike decision to drop Pacquiao" NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson commended sports apparel giant Nike for its decision to end its ties with Manny Pacquiao following the Filipino boxer's ...

I wrote back: "Magic Johnson, this is for you! click bloglink"

ABS-CBN News came up with: Fall from grace? Why Pacquiao's remarks cut deep. MANILA – Senatorial aspirant and boxing champ Manny Pacquiao will have a hard time recovering from the controversy caused by his anti-gay remarks, a former Dean of the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance said.

I read the rest of the article and I wrote back: "Did Edna Estifania Co, former Dean of the National College of Public Administration and Governance of UP, say Manny Pacquiao described LGBTs as "worse than animals"? That is the wrong way of looking at it. Pacquiao described the act, not the actor – I don't know why people cannot see that. They just hate Pacquiao. They don't know what he knows. Hate the sin, not the sinners. I dedicate this to all sinners: click bloglink"

Ellen Tordesillas via ABS-CBN News came up with: "Although Pacquiao, a senatorial candidate under the United Nationalist Alliance, said he remains against same-sex marriage despite his apology, he must be regretting what he told News5 last Monday." Pacquiao's "abhorrent" remarks could be blessing in disguise. Manny Pacquiao collects all the emoluments due a member of Congress which runs into millions of pesos without giving the taxpayers the service due them.

I wrote back: "Ellen Tordesillas, I can almost see your glee trying to knock out Manny Pacquiao even after Nike did a fast jab. Making him the underdog, Filipinos will sympathize with him and make him Senator. You people simply hate the guts of someone who has the guts. Why pick on Pacquiao? Someone became a Senator and went on not doing anything (and) you (not me) made him President. Here, I challenge you to read this: click bloglink"

ABS-CBN News came up with: For the bonobos, which have been described as our closest living relatives, "being gay is natural." In an article co-written by Vanessa Woods, author of a book titled "Bonobo Handshake," the bonobos engage in a copious amount of sex, which ...

I wrote back: "Why not 5,000 homosexual animal species? But we humans, The Thinking Species, should know better!"

Now you should know better.

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